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  • Exactly. I have faith that they'll find their way back someday, though. It may take a while, but I doubt that Coldplay will truly become a 'pop' band. At least, I hope they won't :uhoh:

    Ah, don't worry about it :p And congrats! You'll have loads of fun!

    And wow, I really appreciate your offer, but I couldn't possibly take your Xyloband. It's yours to keep as a memento! :) I'll get one of my own someday, don't worry about me :p

    -Alex :hug:
    Mhmm . . . I would love an X&Y / ARoBttH-ish album :wacky:

    Yeah, the video seems like it's going to be kind of . . . weird :p I *really* don't like the song myself, but we'll see how the video is :p

    I have no doubt that I'm going to love Coldplay no matter what they do, but their activities recently have me worried :p
    Aww :( I actually agree with you, though. I think the guys took their sound in the wrong direction this time . . . although I do love Up With the Birds, Major Minus, and U.F.O. :wacky:

    Here's to hoping they get back on track for their next album!
    Aw, thanks :hug: But don't feel bad, there's always next tour (or they could even announce more dates for this one). I'll get to one somehow :D

    Wow, :wacky: well thank you very much, but I couldn't possibly take one of yours--it's part of the experience! I really appreciate your offer though! :hug:

    Hi! Haha, no worries :)

    Sadly, no :disappointed: The only way I can see them is if they come to Kansas City and the closest they're going to be is Dallas (which is 6 hours away).

    Really? How cool! :awesome:

    They really are :nod:

    Congrats! You'll have loads of fun!

    Hrmm . . . well I don't really care for the first half (except for Us Against the World) and Princess of China might be my least favorite Coldplay song >__> but from Major Minus on (excluding PoC), I love it. I'm not sure how it sits among Coldplay's previous albums . . . right now it's my 4th favorite from them :shrug:

    I'm in love with AHT / DLIBYH, Up With the Birds, Major Minus, and Us Against the World. They pretty much saved the album for me :nod:

    Have you listened to it? What did you think? :)
    Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that :p I like it, but not as much as the other songs I mentioned. I have a gut feeling that the best songs on MX are going to be U.F.O., A Hopeful Transmission, Up With The Birds, and DLIBYH :nod:
    :nod: I do like the imagery of "lying underneath those stormy skies" and flying away to paradise in your sleep, though. :p

    But yeah, I hope Up In Flames and DLIBYH are better
    Umm . . . . kinda, I guess. I do like the lyrics, but there's way too many synthesizers and electric elements going on.

    Also, the chorus is just really, really bad. I'm sorry if you think otherwise, but I really can't stand it.
    :nod: Yeah, I have a Shuffle (the Netbook was a graduation gift)

    Yeah, I think they did go to Holland at some point :thinking: And yes, they need to come to the US :D My sister likes lots of bands too.

    :lol: That's how my friends are too! They listen to nothing but country, pop, and rap :dozey:

    Hmm . . . do you mean 'area'?

    Uh . . . a normal one, I guess :p
    Yeah, they're a couple thousand dollars over here in America. :uhoh:

    I've never been to a Coldplay concert, so I'm hoping they stop somewhere near me when the next tour kicks off. Yeah, I think I've converted my sister in a Coldplayer :p

    Ooh, that's not good :stunned: People here just run over cats in their cars on purpose :shifty:

    Ahh! 8 days now! :dance: Yep, I'm counting down the days in my school planner :D
    Ah, I have an Asus, it's alright :shrug: I've been wanting an Apple for a while now, but that will have to wait--the first big thing I'm going to spend my money on is a Coldplay concert :D

    Ah okay, I understand. Sometimes I worry that people will take Hershey also because she's valuable. (Don't worry about it, you're English is fine :D)

    Thanks ^^

    I know I'M SO EXCITED! :dance: 10 days to go for Paradise and 52 for MX!

    Oh boy, fun /sarcasm :p
    Haha, it has been a while :p

    Yeah, I have a Netbook (it's like a miniature laptop). I actually don't know what those laptops you listed are :p

    Well, not really. Our pets are kept outside unless there's really bad weather or it gets too hot and then they go in the garage. :lol: They're named after candybars.
    Willem? I like that name!


    Yep. Still waiting also :D I'm so excited!

    Yeah, school's started (ugh) so I'm staying busy all day. How are you?
    Yeah . . . as soon as I got home they went into the washing machine. We washed them twice :p

    Mmm . . . Hot chocolate :smug: That sounds fun! I love walking in the rain.

    Oooh, cool. What kind of laptop are you getting?

    I do, actually. We have two dogs named Hershey and Pawley and two cats named Snickers and Kit-Kat. Do you have any pets?

    Greetz :p
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