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  • Cool, that was fast! :D I'm really glad you liked it. I might not be able to make some more of those Viva jackets so I might as well just share it with fellow fans :) Thanks for notifying me and Happy New Year to you too! ^_^
    Hello Imke, you 'll probably get it a week or two or maybe even later I'm not that sure but I've already sent it so please just notify me once you received it! Merry christmas :)
    I kinda know the anticipation whether your SS recipient receives his/her gift/card so I immediately posted it as soon as I can :)) This is my 2nd time to join the SS and my 1st time to receive a gift so this is just to show my appreciation, plus we are fellow coldplay fans anyway :) Hopefully it'll get to you. :D
    Hello Imke! I have already received your wonderful SS gift, thank you very much! don't worry, it reached me all complete :D I hope you are doing fine and happy holidays to you! :)

    P.s. I have posted the photos on the SS thread :3 I would love to send you a thank you card, but there was no address in your parcel :)
    Oh duh. Hehe. Dat verklaart alle handgeschreven briefjes met hartjes die steeds in de bus liggen! I knew that wink meant something :laugh3:
    Thanks :nice:. I've just come back to the hostel. I can't say how much I love them. I'll write my fangirling letter soon :D. Good night!
    Hi there! I'm not sure if my letter arrived, but I want to share good news with you - I got to Dutch Philology. :D
    Haha, well, English is a lot more useful anyway.
    I check the board whenever I can, I'm just not posting as frequently anymore as I did when I registered. At the moment I'm just not really into Coldplay, but I'm trying to stick around anyway. I found a lot of wonderful friends here after all. :nice:
    Hi Imke, thanks! I got your letter and I sent my answear 2 weeks ago, but yesterday I got message, that post office lost it -,-. I write you today, so I hope this time you'll get this. :D
    So where are you from? :wacko:
    Since you're not talking German to me, I'm guessing you must be from the Netherlands because methinks that's the only country where there are Imkes as well.
    Thank you for clicking the thanks button on my live review. I really appreciate you doing that. :)
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