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  • Hello Toni,

    Glad you enjoyed the concert. I also had a fantastic night, as I absolutely love Coldplay. I went with my daughter and we were about five rows from the stage on the left hand side beside the ramp It was a brilliant spot. I loved all the songs but my favourites were In my Place, Clocks, Viva La Vida and LIT 11. It was my first time to see Coldplay but I will definitely go to see them again if they come back to Ireland. Are you a big fan?

    Sadly i'm that one in this conversation, my friend is worse than me , we could go on for days just story topping.
    Who doesn't love Yellow :) i remember singing it in the car on the way to primary school.
    Actually i didn't know that don't panic was a coldplay song until i saw it again on the music chanels maybe only 2 years ago.
    I love AROBTTH :D when in my place came out , they were all like The return of coldplay ... Me being 10 had no idea who they were as such ( its kind of weird how i loved all their songs but just putting them all together as one band was my problem :lol: i actually still remember my mom coming home one day with the shopping and she had it , she was like i bought your dad a new cd , i loved the album art work the most because i didnt have a cd player to play it on.( i listened to the full album when i got my first mp3 player in 2005 ) D:
    Oh and clocks is still my favourite song since then , my dad loved it too ( he even watched it on the music chanels ) i even asked the question Is that your favourite song ever? :lol: i was ten, he answered yes to please me :D
    well like you i'm blabbing on,
    don't even get me started on the X+Y era :lol:
    i will look at those probably tomorrow :)
    Not to sound like a story / fan toppper,
    but Phoenix Park last week for me was a ten year build up,
    they have always been one of favourite bands ( they're more than definitly number one )
    And i'm only 17 :lol: for some reason when i was 8 ( ? ) i thought Don't Panic was the coolest video :p ( then the scientist came out.... )
    :eek: really? jesus... i thought it was like back track you found,
    Fuck, i need to check out the other tracks you covered :lol:
    Marley park? that was in 2005 yeah? D:
    I loved that year and album, but was kind of young
    and i didn't even knew they came S:
    That's really good :D you've got a great voice.
    are you in a small band or anything like that ? :)
    Jesus christ, really? D: i stuck it out :) i really should had moved ( the pushing and shoving got worse ) But they did like coldplay, they knew all the lyrics and even sang the guitar riffs. :lol:
    Same here :) one of the best days of my life.. i was going to say one of the best concerts, but really, lady gaga and mcfly ( i was 13 ) don't even compare :D
    Thank you, sadly i do not use msn. Sorry :)
    Awh cool :)
    wait, were you part of the group of lads that was smoking weed D:
    hopefully not, because you seem nice and i didnt like them that day ( which would make it feel kind of bad )
    or were you by them?
    Hey :)
    As I see you are a 'native' Dubliner, can you help me out a little on which side of the park the stage will be?!
    I am currently in the process of booking my trip to Dublin as well (8th concert this year then :laugh3: ) and I am wondering in which Travelodge to stay. Either Rathmines or Castleknock. Maybe you can help a little :)

    Thanks :)

    Just did it. :)
    If you want to send someone a friend request, you have to go on his/her profile and under the name and the induvidual title, there are three options
    Send Message User Lists User Notes
    Click on User Lists and then on Add To Friends List. The forum asks if you really want to be friends with that user and there's a little box which should be selected for sending the user a friend request.
    Just try it. ;)
    *currently listens to the Violet Hill cover*
    Your covers sound amazing! Is that just you playing the instruments? (Of course not at the same time ;))

    Would you mind if I send you a friends request?
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