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  • Hey man, I was wondering, I notice you found the bakery, would you be able to tell me where it is? I would like to send my record over there.
    Hello, do you really have Chris' Martin home address? I'd like to come back to London for my 3rd time this summer and I'd like to go to the bakery, but I'd like to take a look of the place where he lives! If you could help me I will be forever grateful to you! Oh I saw Coldplay performing at he Heineken Jammin' Festival in Venice 2 days ago, They were brilliant, I love them ! And I was so close to the stage.... :) Thank you in advance, and please, excuse me for my imperfect English... Yow Know, here in Italy I can't find no-one who wants to speak English with me! Bye!
    Jamie! Sorry I couldn't help out with the Rumor Mill thing today, but Wednesdays aren't good for me. However, unless you discussed it today, I could write something up about the locust7 rumors and why I think they could be somewhat legit for next week...otherwise I don't think I have much to say on anything for upcoming shows except that it's rumored Chris is going to be a special guest at Gary Barlow's concert in London tomorrow night :p
    Do not get me wound up about anything like that :p. My imagination always starts to wander in that direction when I think about these things and I just have to put my foot down. Obviously it's all fantasy, but because I want to work in the industry (and my dream job would be working for them) I become really unrealistic really fast, so don't encourage me!

    And yeah, that's the way I hoped this thing would be: informative, not fuel for the zany fangirls.

    I can't believe the number of followers already! I think this thing is going to really take off. I think it'll be especially epic once we start getting more official, concrete info about the album--we might have to do BREAKING NEWS editions! :dance:
    I prefer the term "diehard fan" :p

    I'm certainly interested in them as people (and find them attractive, haha), but I guess I start to get a bit skeeved out when I have to weed through stuff from really crazy fangirls. I just prefer to focus on the music news part, I guess, especially for something like this :D
    Compromise: I'll go on camera if I can write/do the bits on LP5 news in the future :p. That's probably the stuff I know the most about and are most on top of anyway! All this digging around in Guy/Jonny/Will threads to find things to report makes me feel way too fangirly :lol:
    JAMIE I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY :uhoh:. Happy birthday really, really late :dance:.

    I'm writing the segments now, but I figure a lot of things will have already been said in other segments of the show :blank:. I have nothing but one really gossipy thing to say about Jonny, however, and not much to say about Will.

    Talk on Skype tomorrow, I guess :D. And for the record, I'd prefer to not be on camera for this, especially not talking about rumors and tabloidy things :p. Maybe I'd do LP5 stuff or music news, but eeesh, not the personal-lives stuff! :lol:
    don't say you're getting old :disappointed: I'm two years older than you, what does it make me? Ancient?! :lol:

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