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    iTunes First Play

    Can i have the link? First Play doesn't work for me, iTunes just sits there.
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    Another's Arms

    I need to hear this!
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    I think the earlier albums are "worse" then the modern albums, but their all so good, none of them are bad. xandy is my favorite though. No eno, but they had resources :D
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    One of the best bits of the Album

    Yes, I love it!! I just wish Will's voice was a tad more prominent in the mixing.
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    Do you think they are planning something?

    Would you eat the moon if it was made of cheese?
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    Coldplay explosion in US iTunes!

    This :P
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    VIDEO: Coldplay at Steve Jobs Memorial

    Whoah, I can see it, and Willl is amazing, he can play the drums, the piano, sing, and a guitar? Man o man, he's awesome.
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    Coldplay explosion in US iTunes!

    Proof, if necassary, (it's not, but it looks cool :P )
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    They're on the air doing a live interview RIGHT NOW on the link below

    Anyone capture fix you/in my place acoustic? I wish coldplay would make an acoustic album of songs they've already recorded. It would sell ilke hot cakes
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    They're on the air doing a live interview RIGHT NOW on the link below

    wow, I don't think ETIAW is acoustic...:/
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    Now that MX is officially out...

    YES, i'm not sure if it's in my head, but i swear chris's voice is more prominent in the offical iTunes DLIBYH. O_o
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    how do i import MX from CD TO PC

    You have to "import" the cd into itunes. However, you cann't get most of the illlustrations, but you can right click on the song in iTunes and click "get album artwork" and it'll download what illustrations iTuness has for it.
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    After hearing Mylo Xyloto, I've realized something.

    Yeah, i think everyone agree's this a good album, pretty solid, but with out Eno, it would have been a masterpeice
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    The MX related t-shirts thread

    Oh okay, it's just a suggestion, you don't have you, I love your work!!