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  • Hola Carla!
    Glad you're approaching vacationing time - and can enjoy the tropics right near you - YAY!! OMG - 2 years of non-stop work, that's wayy too much! You deserve a month off at least. Florida is good, but like everywhere, people here are either in a mad rush, or barely moving - so it's a little devoid of normalcy, though I've met quite a few nice folks in the park.
    I miss the snow, the best part of winter is in March! But this is neat, warm and wonderful, so the change is good. ;) Ah, I know that well too - when I was working up north, I spend precious little time enjoying the waters - hope you can pry yourself away for a day and enjoy the beaches Carla!! ;);):)
    The South of Florida is funny; stores carry hush-puppy mixes for baking, and the houses are painted wild colors (purples, yellows, lime greens) on the islands
    Keep work humming along Carla!:)
    Hola Carla! Better now, it's taken me some readjustment moving here to lovely south Florida, still haven't checked out the beach though - - how are the beaches in your neighborhood?
    Hola Carla !! ¿que tal? soy guillaume vivo en Barcelona pero soy Francés y estudié español en Argentina ... jaja ya sé es muy extraño pero es la verdad jajajaja :p Soy un rerere-fan de Coldplay jeje espero hablar contigo pronto ;) un saludo coldplayer ¡hasta pronto! Besos desde Barcelona!
    Hm, that's sad - the poor always suffer the most when anything goes wrong. I think then if there were some sort of global assurance system to help relieve disaster victims who are so poor, it might end hunger by allowing food and help to flow to poor people in crisis, else there is often instability and then riots, etc. But here too - New Orleans is a prime example of poor consideration for poor people's lives, so much to change. I do hope they get some relief, when they can begin to replant and need help, someone come's through for them then too. Ah yes, Snow!! It will just be a brief snow shower they say, so nothing much yet, but it's quite early! Yes, amazing, it is almost Christmas!
    I can imagine!:laugh3: Every raindrop is a waterfall! ;) Oh I didn't think of that, I suppose so many crops got waterlogged or washed out, sorry to hear that Carla! Sometimes we get a flood that does crop damage, though never as extensive as what you're facing. Do your farmers, or your country hold some sort of flood insurance against these types of weather events?
    But maybe replanting can begin, if you can get another crop during the cool season?
    Hopes and prayers from here to you, I can only imagine how it can be!! But imagine this - this week, it may snow here!:laugh3: So be thankful you're dry and it's warm.:)
    Yes, I wasn't sure that was the case in El Salvador (being across the mountains from the Atlantic circulatory pattern), so now I know! Glad to hear that - rain continuous for that long can be hazardous, indeed! Sorry to hear that things got crazy as a result, I would imagine things are a mess, my heart goes out to you and your fellow Salvadorans. Our economy is sliding sideways, little improvement but it might get a little better, depending on the state. Wish I could make it all better - still working on reform here, trying for a more equitable economy is quite a challenge, but all good things take a lot of work, but are worth it. Hope you're drying all the damp things there!!
    Hello Carla!
    Yes, it's been a while! I'm well enough, struggling in the slow economy, but otherwise doing alright. How are you in the land of chocolate and jaguars?;)
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