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  • aww sweet ! been quite busy lately.. let's say Guy has been very demanding, if you know what I mean ! *dreaming*
    Good evening Carla, hope you're well and life is fine for you in the beautiful Netherlands :)

    Thanks so much for your good luck message - I have entered but I shall need every help I can get to get tickets to this one too, I already have been so very lucky this year!!

    What have you been up to, anything fun? I just play Coldplay albums and wait for December!! :confused: lol
    Dag Carlaatje,
    Bedankt en geen probleem. We hebben nog alle tijd (can't wait!).
    We zullen wel ergens kunnen afspreken toch?
    Groetjes, Lauren.
    Hey Carla, hope you're well - the sun is shining here for once - I'd forgotten what a nice summer's day was like!! :sunny:

    I'm wondering if you got me last PM on Friday night ok, after my mistake last time??!

    Have a great day :)
    Hey Carlaatje!

    I was a little bit away from there - just up the road with Akash and Crazy Duckette. We did run down, and probably almost bumped into you as we watched the car drive off!!

    I read your posts somewhere - you came over from...was it Holland or Germany?


    <edited P.S.> I don't recognise your photo, but I'd had a few beers and very little sleep for days beforehand with the stress of trying to get a ticket. And it was quite a scramble round there! If you're interested though I'll PM you a link to Kash's photos of the night so you can see who we all are :)
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