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    Hi Caroline! Hope you are doing well, dear:)
    Hi Caroline. I want the xyloband! How to pay the shipping? Please teach me. :) I live in Taiwan. Thank you!
    Awesome! I bet that keeps you busy!!!
    And that would be SO amazing! Shanghai! I can't imagine! I was in Vietnam and Thailand for a bit, and I absolutely LOVED Asia! It's amazing! You'll have to keep me updated on that venture!

    And no, not really. I did 2 years of school back home (Iowa) and then when I met up with you I was on a Missionary school through a nonprofit called Youth With A Mission (that's why I was in Asia as well!) and so that was a 6 month program...and then I graduated that and knew I didn't wanna go back to Iowa, so I came to Lodi to live with my friend from the missions school! :)
    Yea... it was a while. Like a long while.
    Since I met up with you at the benefit concert in Mountain View, things have been a whirlwind! Holy smokes, that's been about 3 years now, huh?! CRAZY! So yea, I was on here for a while after that, and then kinda on a hiatus... creeped a bit here and there...but never really posted. haha.

    I'm living with a friend in Lodi, CA at the moment and working and just trying to save money and figure out what's next! It's so scary! I'm 23 years old and have NO idea what I wanna do with my life. haha. Oh well. It will come. :)

    What about you, girl?!
    How're you?! Where are you?! What're you doing!?
    I am groovy, just groovy girl!

    How is everything in your life?

    Soooo I see you got to see the boys again, how were they? Brilliant of course and I would've killed to hear Warning Sign live again! I'm hoping for a stop in Vegas sometime during this tour, I'm not traveling to see them this year. Eventhough I have strong feelings of dislike for MX I'd love to see them again lol.

    Anywho I hope you're doing well and I'll chat at ya later!
    Hi, Caroline! I hope you're doing well. I was just wondering if you got tickets to either of the San Jose shows this week. I'm so excited. :wacky:
    Uhhhh kinda. She actually texted me a week ago but I ignored it. Haven't heard from her since, even though I have this gut feeling that I'm still being stalked. Eh.

    THAILAND? Why were you there?
    Haha crazy! Bay Area huh? Nice! I have a friend who lives in Hillsborough, visited him this past summer actually! Yup, I definitely did say that. I thought the studio album was VERY disappointing, felt like they needed to have the Bass stronger, make it really hit hard.. IDK if you heard the snippet of it in the Sky One Ad? ( [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2l1Azm2FYA"]Sky One Drama Advert Summer 2011 - YouTube[/ame]) it sounds SO good in that.. but again, disappointing haha.
    Thank you! Nice to know someone else out there agrees with me!..Yup! Im from Eugene :) where abouts in California are ya?
    Hi Caroline !! :) how are you ? I´m Guillaume hehe I currently leave in Barcelona and I hope to go nearly in USA and hope to go in California :) I want to meet Zooey Deschanel hehehe Btw I hope to talk with you and do you went to a gig during the new Coldplay Tour?
    Talk to you soon!
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