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  • I listen to a super wide range of music. Alt. Rock, Alt. Country (Americana), Indie, Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Indie hip-hop, motown, low-fi, high-fi, 80s, a bunch of french stuff, etc.

    I LOVE Muse as well. I really like Interpol, Radiohead, U2 Grandaddy, Grizzly Bear and other bands like that. But I also listen to classical a bit too. Pretty basic stuff like Bach and Beethoven. There's also a local classical radio station that I often listen to.

    I also really love film scores, so anything by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, James Horner, etc. is great.

    Have you ever heard of Doves? They're compared to Coldplay a lot. They're also from the UK and have a similar sound.
    Other bands? Well, obviously, I'm a huge Muse fan. :p I'm also into stuff like Kaiser Chiefs, and I'm really getting into Keane right now. I like a bunch of stuff. Actually, a lot of the stuff I listen to involves classical music as well. I'm really into more romantic-sounding classical music and such. I try to keep myself open to discovering newer things.

    What about you?
    Well, in college, I'm a French horn major, so that's what I primarily play at the moment. I can also play keyboards, other brass instruments, harmonica, and a bit of guitar. I want to learn organ one of these days, but I hear it's hard.

    Really now? Well, from what I've experienced so far, I think this'll be a good first forum experience for you. :)

    As for fave album...it's hard to say. I put down "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" for my profile here, but it's really between that and "Viva La Vida."
    Yes, as in Christian Bale. I'm actually a member of a Bale forum, too. xD

    And yes, I am. I'm a music education major in college, and I love Coldplay.

    Yaaay Americans. :)
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