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Recent content by ChadBC

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    Features Backing Vocals Juanita Stein?

    It starts around the 45 second or 50 second mark in the background, really echoe-y female vocal harmony. Very nice. ;)
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    UATW is the "Thinking About You" of MX

    Sorry. Radiohead - Thinking About You - YouTube
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    UATW is the "Thinking About You" of MX

    Agree or no? :wink3:
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    Lozenge of Love is a nice, underrated song. :)
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    Cool! I guess I should've noted that their latest album is a bit more poppy/indie pop rock than their first album which is a bit more Sigur Ros-ish but oh well.
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    One thing I noticed after repeated listens...

    Yeah, I don't know about all that like the sister thing but cool. I really like that part of the song. Really dreamy.
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    Great dream pop/electronic/dance pop/post-rock/indie pop rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A really relaxing band at times depending on what song you're hearing, "Meno Mony Falls" for example which is posted below. A band you might have heard if you played the game "Mass Effect" in the...
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    Mylo Xyloto officially born in Japan!

    PM, please? :wink3: Unless the final version is the same? If so, then I don't really need a PM.
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    Will Mylo Xyloto leak? ** EFFECTIVE 16-10 LINKS NOT PERMITTED ** (PART II)

    Ahh! I see what you did there. We have fun. :)
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    One thing I noticed after repeated listens...

    Sounds cool nonetheless.
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    One thing I noticed after repeated listens...

    Woah, you're right. Sounds like an "angel" or something. :stunned:
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    One thing I noticed after repeated listens...

    Are you halfway through the album right now or are you waiting for the real CD? If you don't like Up with the Birds I will....I don't know. I'll do something. :cool:
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    Biggest Disappointment and Surprise of Mylo Xyloto

    Wow, you're right! That's awesome! Didn't notice because it's kind of subtle but wow. Biggest Disappointment: Even though I love ETIAW and MM and the sheer change of pace between the two songs...I feel like it would have been better to use M.M.I.X. in the beginning of ETIAW as part of the song...
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    One thing I noticed after repeated listens...

    Before the "acoustic" half of the song near the end after he sings "And then i'm up with the birds"....the spacey/echoe-y guitar part sounds like his soul is slowly being lifted up to the heavens/sky or what have you until he gradually is Up with the Birds and then the happy/acoustic part of the...
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    Rate Mylo Xyloto

    Mylo Xyloto - Not gonna rate this, nice little intro into HLH. - N/A Hurts Like Heaven - Love this song. Makes me wanna get up and go - 9/10! Paradise - Good little song, I don't know if I'd rate this a full 8/10 but it's very close so I'll just go with a 8/10 :) Charlie Brown - Again, love...