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  • hi im haleema
    im a huge jonny girl and wanted to know if u would be willing to share ur siggy pic with us:nice:
    Would you mind posting the pic on Jonny's thread plz:shy:
    Hello Béa,
    How nice that you had a good experience at the U2 concert in Stade de France in Paris on 18.9.10. I hope to see some photos. I saw U2 on both 15 + 16.8 in Horsens, Denmark after having volunteered for Bono's organization ONE from noon to 8:30 both days. It was a very lovely experience as well. But I was surprised to see how fit BONO was after the back operation. He did not use the movable / flexible platform much - maybe due to the recent operation. But it was two good concerts. On the last day I got a lot of smoke, because my feet were tired and I had to sit down. I could do that - in front of a smoke canon. So I was waving smoke away from me frequently = 8-10 times during the concert. LOL. It was a really nice experience.
    I was surprised to see that you are not on my friend's list and vice versa. So I'll send you a friend's request in the hope that you will accept it.
    Hello Béa,

    I do not know if you know: But I posted my diary of the meet-up in "the Coldplayers' meetup in London 2010" thread for everyone interested to read.

    I hope that you are feeling better and coughing less and that your sister's teeth are better too.

    Have a nice week-end and holiday.
    Hello !

    Excuse-moi de te déranger, j'ai juste une question ! J'ai raconté à mon amie fan de Keane ce que tu m'avais dit sur MT Desolation, et sur le fait qu'ils viendraient à Paris en septembre... Ma question est : es-tu sûre de cette info ? Est-ce que tu en sais plus ?

    Dans tous les cas merci, bisous ! :)
    j'espère que le concert a été pour toi comme moi : des frissons, je suis encore dedans - pas encore attéri -
    maintenant le challenche Fnac : à la part dieu c'est pas gagné - ils m'ont prévenu il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde - j'espère y faire un saut à la pause de midi ... car aucune réservation (meme avec du charme au téléphone)
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