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  • Michelle! How wonderful that your lovely card should arrive here in western New York on Christmas Eve! Thank you so much. It's such a sweet gift and I will keep and display it for many Christmases to come. Yes, I have MX and I love it. How was the December 10 concert for you? I was able to see Coldplay 3 times this year and have 4 concerts to look forward to in 2012. Maybe we will meet at a show in the future - I hope so. Thanks again and much love. Jill in Rochester, NY - your lucky Secret Santa recipient!
    Hi :) Have you got Coldplay's butterflies? Can you send me some? Well, even one butterfly! I was at Coldplay's show, but too far from the stage to get some of them :c I live in Poland and I would be grateful for the rest of my life :) Thank you in advance! :3
    michelle!:\ . Your team deserved to win. because everyone knows that the other two finals you played were arranged. was a great match anyway. well fought by both teams. I lost count of all the yellow cards given by the referee. :lol:
    I was Thinking about you too! haha. I'm fine, but I wish my guys win. but anyway. oh yes! the last 5 minutes :dead:
    Netherlands played well too. Your boys are so talent. And sneider is so hawt :heart: :lol:
    I'm with you right now. I think the final will be Deutschland vs Netherlands.
    I'm about to buy a neth t-shirt.
    Go netherlands go
    Hey mich!!:heart: It was amazing!! :awesome: I met our guys!! I was sooo close. I can't believe yet! I got a bunch of butterflies and a lot of Chris and jonny pics. I was in front of Jonny, so close. :heart:
    Chris is so hawt! :wacky: so tall and has a lot of energy. I really enjoyed this concert. It was the best night ever.
    I also would like to take a trip to canada. I have no real reason as to why. But I still would like to visit. My parents love to travel. We just don't. Money issues :(
    Haha, als ik ouder ben ga ik dat zeker doen! Heb nu een deal met mijn moeder, 15 of 16.. Hoop dat het 15 wordt en dan mag ik ook 3 dagen, kamperen enzo :D
    I have very few friends..so it's hard to say I have a reason to still be here other then being forced to :(

    I would much love to go somewhere and learn a different language! I love meeting new people too!
    I wish I could! Ik zou heel graag naar Green Day gaan op Pinkpop! Jammer dat ik geen geld heb en nog best wel jong ben :p De zaterdag is echt geweldig, Destine, GD, Editors, Mando Diao.. Hm. Nouja, gelukkig heb ik Green Day al gezien in Ahoy :)
    I've always wanted to go to Italy! My family might be going on a trip to Europe this summer, so hopefully we'll go to Italy while we're there. I hope you get to go!
    I don't know what I want to do. Every day I think of something new. I'm between screenwriting (or something to do with movies) and forensic anthropology! Or maybe an editor or something. :shrug:
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