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  • Found this on Youtube! :dazzled:

    Enter this in to Youtube, its a Snow Patrol gig in hd! :) /playlist?list=PL8D0D4349A466711D
    Hi, I moved your thread (What is your favourite "Us Against the World" version?) to the Mylo Xyloto section, you can find it here : )
    Yes, Bend And Break is one of the more popular ones so I think they'll play it. Can't Stop Now has my favourite word in it. Dithering. It's such a funny word.
    I hope you can go! They are amazing live! Tom Chaplin's voice is perfect. it was one of the most fun things I've done in a long time. I would be surprised if they played Bend and Break. My favourite Keane song is Somewhere Only We Know so they most definitely will play that...but I would love for them to play more songs on Perfect Symmetry, like Better Than This. I love that song! I also wouldn't mind them playing Hamburg Song and Can't Stop Now
    This is great news! I'm really hoping I can go! My dad took me to the Keane concert in Denver and he really liked them, so I hope he'll let me go. That was my first concert, but one is not enough. If my dad let's me go, I will dance and sing Somewhere Only We Know, really loudly, up and down the street!
    My Younger brother and sister were both born in Chiang Mai, so it's a special place for them. It's so much better than Bankok.
    That's okay. I'm Laurel. I'm sorry if I made you think I was Thai. I want to learn Thai better so I can understand it. Your English is definitely better than my Thai. It's nice to know you, so if I ever have a question about Chiang Mai I have someone to ask. •.-
    Did you write Happy Birthday to me? You see, I'm moving to Thailand, but I'm actually American. I don't know much Thai yet, but I'm planning on learning it. I've been to Thailand quite a few times! It's great to know someone from Thailand that shares my like for Coldplay! Who knows, we might meet eachother At a Coldplay concert in Thailand next time they come! Maybe... ^.^
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks :D xoxo
    i'm a bit tired now because of exams. But i'm really interested in other cultures and i like your country :p
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