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  • Hi Chommy

    I remember the text below your user name / screen name. It is from Paradise, right?

    It is such fun for me playing lounge games (therefore it was very late / very early when I got to bed).

    And in 3/4 hour I am taking the train so I have to leave very soon, sorry.

    I noticed in "About Me" that you are from Thailand. Where in Thailand. Are you and your dear ones affected by the floods in the north and in the neighbourhood / northern suburbs of Bangkok?

    Have a nice day. I am sending you a friend's request in the hope that you will accept.
    As a fellow Coldplayer I hope you can help me out a little by watching my promo video? It can be found on my Facebook page/just press play -

    Thanks for reading. I just was hoping for a little more views out of the video along with a few more likes when I released it. Trying to gain some more support. Feedback is always great even if you hate it. I know I'm acting a little like a spambot but your my only hope!

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