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  • I think you should definitely go back to school. The job that you have right now, do you see yourself doing the same thing for the rest of your life? If not then you should definitely invest in getting a higher education. It’s never too late to learn and you are young right now so it will be much easier to go to school now then to wait till you’re older and have more responsibilities! Maybe you can work part time and go to school part time, or you could take online courses; there are so many options out there, I suggest you look into all of them.

    My mom who has a Masters in Physics is going back to school to get a degree in Pharmacology; if she can do it at 46 then you can do it at 23!

    Sorry for the essay, but I feel very strongly about Education, which is probably why I want to be a teacher!

    Anyway, it’s not like my opinion matters. What do your friends and family think? Are they going to be supportive if you decide to go back to school?
    No I didn't see your rant, you took it down before I could read it!

    I think the Arwen thread was originally a joke thread but some people like Reilly took it seriously :rolleyes:

    anyway I think it's kinda cool that I scare so many people, me likes it :sneaky:

    did you read the facebook thread, that shit really scares me :shocked2:

    anyway I want to stay away from this site, but since I use the computer a lot (for Uni, I use it to takes notes and to do all my assignments) I find it hard not to visit this site.
    Also it can be pretty fun at times, you should read some of the pervy messages I sent to Prophet of Prospekt :lol:

    I think the site will get better once Coldplay release their albums, I think people are just bored right now, once we get a new album they all will shut up

    (I hope :rolleyes:)

    This whole weekend I have been celebrating this Indian festival, (it's like a brown Christmas)

    Right now I have about 30 people in my house, it's very chaotic, so I sneaked up to my room and now I'm hiding in there :laugh3:

    anyway, how was your weekend?

    (I have nothing else to say, just wanted to say HI :))
    :laugh3: nice theory, you've been watching way too many movies :rolleyes:

    I am kinda getting tired of this site, I was thinking about taking a break from the site for a few weeks, because the Coldplay section is very pathetic and the lounge is filled with crazies :p

    but I have also met some awesome people on here, and I love talking too all of them, especially you, and I'm not going to ditch you guys because of what some retards say on here! :)
    and we're back on square one.... :rolleyes:

    so at the end of the day we still don't disagree on anything :dozey:

    anyway, you keep distracting me, I have to write another stupid essay!

    goodbye :kiss:
    Mark you disgusting Dick Cheney worshiping piece of shit HOW COULD YOU!!!!! :veryangry2:

    my view on this whole bullshit "war" is this

    - it is good and necessary to help people, and to liberate them if need be
    - the way it was done is horrible, the number of civillians killed is disgusting, did you read WikiLeaks?

    - the whole operation should have been executed properly, but throughout the whole thing, the impression I got from the people in power was that oh look the good civilized white western people will go and "save" these uncivillized Muslims!

    but I don't hate you :kiss:

    I really hate you :veryangry2:

    ps. I am going home now, so I will talk to you later on if you're still on!
    you show me yours and I'll show you mine :laugh3:

    yep, I sit next to this really annoying guy, Gosh I hope he can't read this :\

    I think you are the kind of person who believes in eating only organic food, I know I'm making wild assumptions!

    now tell me yours :wink3:
    we're studying utopia's and dystopia's (it's interesting but I don't like most of my classmates :dozey:)

    I know of something else we probably disagree on, but I will save that for later as well :p
    I thought you would say something stupid :p

    no I'm in class :smug:

    anway I really wanna watch the whole Hannibal series; I've seen Silence of the Lambs and I loved it :cool:
    me no like stupid PM :p

    I can't believe you still haven't seen Inception :stunned:
    you have to see it right now, it's an amazing movie!!!!

    I didn't see Toy Story, cause I haven't seen the first 2 :(

    my fav animated movie is Monster's Inc.

    I love that movie :smug:
    - the outline of the pic is very good, you've got the basic picture down
    - the details and colors still need a bit of work
    - I know you said you wanted the colors to be brighter but I think it's a little too bright already, personally I would like the skin and the background to be darker
    - the face needs some work
    - the eyes can be a little wider, because they look like slits not eyes :confused:
    - the mouth and the chin area could use a bit of work, his lips and teeth look
    funny :\
    - the forehead, hairline and ears are all good

    that's all I got for ya Mark,

    don't get offended and feel free to ignore me if you want


    I really am interested, I'm not just saying that to kiss your ass :p

    one of my friends in high school was an artist and I would often critique her work :cool:

    anyway keep in mind that I know nothing about art (I can barely draw a good cirlce :rolleyes:)
    but I will give you some honest criticisms (don't get offended ;))
    I think it's like this in small US towns, not big cities like LA

    the healthcare in Canada is great, as long as we have our healthcard we can just show up at the doctors and everything is free!

    btw what are you doing right now, if you're painting I wanna see them, you should post them up somewhere on the site so everyone can see them!
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