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  • No, it's still freezing. Got another inch today, and the wind was crazy. I didn't sled down Bascom but I did do it in front of the Observatory, facing Lake Mendota and it was fun :) Can't wait for summer, so that I can enjoy the sunshine on the terrace again! How are you? Did you move to Florida for good?
    Hi Chuck! Madison IS COLD! It's the first day of spring today, and the high was 20 degrees - the 5th coldest start of spring in Madison's history! We've had 65" of snow so far, ~20" above average. Basically Madison winter this year is normal haha. I really love Madison, I'm glad that I decided to come here. Love the live music scene a lot - Orpheum, High Noon, Majestic, Frequency - there are lots of good music venues here. :D
    Yeah! I'm going on vacations for 2 weeks, it's not like I'll go somewhere (but I'm checking airline tickets just in case) but I will rest for a while after almost 2 years of working non stop! Florida sounds great! Glad to hear you're good :D
    So you moved? snow no more then? I'm good, haven't been to the beach for the longest time... I've been incredibly busy working, maybe I'll go some time this month :p
    Hi Chuck,
    How are you?
    Springtime for a few days in Denmark but only for 2 days (temps up to 10 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday).
    Danish Politics: Tax reliefs for corporations / companies financed by reduced education support and reduced benefits.

    Polls: Falling support for Social democrats and Socialistic People's Party. First-mentioned around 17% (around 24% at the election in 2011) and SPP: 4.6 % from 7.8% at last poll.

    In one poll the Social Democrats would get 16.2% against 16.4 for Danish People's Party.
    Hi CHUCK,
    Thanks for your emails. I was so very nice to hear from you again.
    Winter has returned in Denmark. Freezing temps day and night. Beautiful landscape outside.
    I wish you a good trip and all the best.
    Chuck, you are back :dance:

    I hope that you are fine. What is your weather like?
    Have you been able to catch up with news here and around the world?
    Hi CHUCK,
    I have justs read your email replies. I have posted in the threads about the Japan quake and News in relation to natural disasters. More than I sent you via email.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I have just replied to your mail.
    Today I have been busy preparing for next week (more about that in my mail) and I fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up and decided to send you an email before going to bed.
    Have a nice evening and Monday.
    Hi Chuck,
    Been snowing here today - 0 degrees C - I'm sad due to Whitney's death - VH1 is playing Whitney's greatest hits - tribute tonight at the Grammy's. Are you going to watch it? I cannot unless the links posted in a thread here work. It will be from 2am here. In 30 minutes rebroadcast of Coldplay interview plus OSLO concert.
    I know right? :disappointed: I will never ever walk to class using the Langdon St way, the wind that blows out from Lake Mendota is evil :disappointed: State St is way much less windy :p We didn't get much snow yesterday, but it was frigid.
    Have a good night (sleepy icon). I am not familiar with the abbreviation TTYL.

    EDIT: I googled TTYL - so now I know: Talk to you later. Right. :thumbsup: :)
    Hi Chuck,
    I have just woken up after a long day yesterday. I did not sleep much last night - my legs were very itchy. I helped a nice girl with no language and back home doing laundry and clean bed linen. And watched Sherlock Holmes. Very sleepy and fell asleep until 30 minutes ago. So that's why you did not hear from me earlier.
    Hi Chuck,
    I have had a nice and quiet day - reading. Also proofreading our statutes for the chairman of the board. Watched the Viva la Vida documentary again.
    Outside it was snowing for 1½ hour, then stopped again and it cleared up. And now the snow is gone again. But further north on Zealand the streets/roads were very icy and that resulted in some traffic accidents.
    Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich will win ultimately, but this opinion is based on how things stand right now according to the media.
    Since the Obama campaign in 2007/2008 Danish media have following the US election process with primaries etc. very closely - just as closely - almost - as the US media, LOL.
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