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  • Hi Chuck. I hope that you have had a good day in the cold Wisconsin. Here it is quite stormy and will be all night. I have had a quiet day with tea with my neighbour and then reading through some papers. Time to bed soon - it is almost 1am. Tomorrow evening: Gym - that will be nice. Have a nice evening.
    Hi CHUCK,
    Glastonbury ended with Coldplay playing Viva la Vida.
    Now there is another favourite of mine - Robbie Williams. Later there is Elton John. But I feel like going to bed very soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Now U2 with Beautiful Day. Bono's voice sounds strange in some places at the start of the song - now it is better.
    I truly hope that you are right about that. :fingers crossed:

    I am not sure if it is Glastonbury from this year - so far seen no U2 or Coldplay.
    Hi CHUCK,
    Now I am watching Glastonbury 2011 (Danish DR1 shows some of the gig). So far I have seen Crazy in love by Beyoncé - Coldplay and U2 should also be shown a little later. It was very pretty fireworks - mainly between midnight and 0:55.
    Before that I saw the rest of a Peter Sellers movie involving an elephant.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I had something nice to eat with my neighbour, and we had some quiz questions. In a little while I will see a short movie called "the 90th birthday" (unsure of the correct title) - and then it will be New Year here (in 40 minutes). After Midnight my neighbour and I will go upstairs to watch all the fireworks (it goes crazy around midnight and then for 1 hour).
    Hi CHUCK,
    Have you had a good day? I have been visiting a friend / a former colleague from 2pm to 8:40 pm. It was nice talking, having a nice lunch with beer and later coffee.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I wrote you a reply to your email (the reply function). But as there is a question there of some URGENCY there, I also sent you a reply to your Private Message. Please reply as soon as you have read the Private Message.

    I wish you a good evening.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I had such a lovely day yesterday with my family. The gathering started at 1PM and we all left at 2am.
    When I came online on 26.12 at 10 I posted something. Then I noticed that you posted something (very late - or rather early, indeed) and then you immediately left so too late to write anything then to you). And now time to have something to eat. So I'll be off.

    Today has been a quiet day when I slept to 9am - and again from around 4 to 6.30pm. Sunny after noon (but rain before noon).

    Did you have a White Christmas then?
    It is quite common to put small red tulips on the graves at Christmas. And I managed to get the Q Magazine with Coldplay interview. And now I am watching the funeral from Prague.
    I hope that you'll have a good Friday as well.
    Hi Chuck,
    It's 8am here.
    I am going to the graves of my parents and grand-parents today. I will put some small red tulips on their graves - and then buy Q magazine from January if possible - and then back to watch the funeral of the former Czech President and famous writer Vaclav Havel. May he rest in peace.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I had such a good day today. The lady I helped phoned me and said that she understood my decision and she hoped that I would come and visit her some time. And I managed to buy a lot of Christmas presents. Later it turned out that I had bought a present for a young woman who would not be able to buy presents for me and my nephew and 2 nieces. But I intend to give her my present anyway. I had tea with cake - with my 2 neighbours and then gym tonight. So a good, fruitful and productive day. And one of the next days I plan to translate the essence of the article about electric cars in Denmark.
    Hi CHUCK
    I hope that you have had a good day as well.
    I had a good day and have written you an email about it.
    Have a nice evening and Wednesday.
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