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  • Hi CHUCK,
    Today I had a relaxing day with tea with Elsebeth and we watched a movie on the telly (with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara). Outside it was very stormy weather so I stayed inside all day. The Christmas lights are only lit on one side of the street - probably due to the storm. Many trains / lines have been cancelled due to falling trees. A ferry is caught at sea until 3am (around now) .
    Hi CHUCK,
    I wish you a nice Thursday and Thanksgiving. I read that you are celebrating it with friends tomorrow. ENJOY.
    I have had a nice quiet day - I had dinner at SISKO and visited the library today.
    Good evening,
    I guess that you are informed of the fact that Egypt's government has resigned. What do you think is going to happen there? A military dictatorship?
    Hi Chuck,
    I had a nice day with yoga and a quick lunch all by myself. Then afternoon tea plus Hercule Poirot.
    I did not write the minutes today. It will have to wait until Wednesday afternoon when I come back from the lady I help OR moke likely on Thursday (maybe while listening to / watching one hour of Coldplay videos on VH1, Denmark from noon).
    Hello Chuck,
    Have you celebrated Halloween this year?
    I have not - it has never been a tradition in my family.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I hope that you have had a good day. I have had a busy and good day.
    I have written about it in an email. Have a nice evening and Wednesday.
    Unfortunately they don have any kind of insurrance, they are mostly poor people who live out of selling crops, hope we can recover soon!
    Snow? :eek: wow, it's that time of the year again! Time has flown by so fast this year, can't believe we're almost 2 months away from Christmas!
    Thanks Goodness everthing's drying here I was getting tired of seeing so much rain! :p
    Same here I hope economy improves, but after all the crops we lost due to all these floods it's gonna be even harder, but we can still hope for the best! :nice:
    I'm good now, it had been raining for about 10 days non stop here in my country, everything's fine now but it was crazy, and a lot of people are homeless so yeah the economy here is about to get worse! :|
    At today's banko/bingo I won a basket full of goods: 4 cans of mackerel, 1 bottle of white wine and 1 bottle of red wine. 3 x chocolate, 2 x bisquits. Afterwards neighbour Laura and I had + 1 package of bisquits plus 1 tea bun each. Laura standing beside a winner (me) got some socks. Elsebeth was out to lunch. I watched Hercule Poirot and later Sherlock Holmes (both 50 min. long) and then the rest of the dancing programme (professionals dancing with celebrities after having taught the celebrities how to dance). But I fell asleep and then went to bed.
    There was also a bar of chocolate with nuts.
    It is getting light here now - at 8am (summer time). Next Sunday the summertime is over for 2011.
    Did you have a good day?
    Hi CHUCK,
    Thanks for your emails. Did you read the one in which I told you what I won in BANKO Wednesday? A basket full of goods (5 bottles of good wine incl. 1 bottle of port, some candles, a salami, cake, 2 cans of sardines). Was funny. And then later that day trying the new restaurant together with Ingrid. Good food - we might have been lucky in what we chose to eat - because others had chosen veal and had trouble chewing the meat. Have a nice Friday.
    How come that some can see the video (posted in the 1st post of the thread and others can't)? Try again - they tried with megaupload and something and it worked. So maybe it works for you now.
    Hi CHUCK,
    Did you see the new video (first post in relevant thread)?
    I find it epic. Have a nice sleep and then a good Wednesday.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I have just read your email and I am replying to it now.
    I wish you a good night's sleep before a full day's of hard work - for an oak!!
    I fully understand and sympathize with you.
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