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  • Hey Lauren... hope your birthday was great! :thumbsup:

    And also, just reminding you that voting is now open and to vote for me for Guy fan all you do is send a private message to Awards2009 telling him who you want to vote for in each category :nice:
    Thanks so much ttyl :hug:
    Lauren! :hug: that's ok....and aww thank you! It means a lot to me, I do appreciate it...i do try to be a good Guy fan :p
    I always think of you and Breakfast of Champion (Mary) as the biggest Will fans too :lol:

    Well yah, Im not on that much either.....mostly cus the Coldplay section has been overrun with annoying spammers so its really hard to find info now too :angry:

    Hey Lauren..... where have you been? I haven't seen you posting lately you will lover :hug:

    And sorry to have to ask.... :P
    but yes, I am whoring myself out for votes :lol: I got nominated for Best Guy Fan 2009 and I would LOVE to win!
    Right now we are just campaigning for votes and the actual voting starts I believe next week, I'll remind when that is.
    But if you truly think I am a good candidate then please vote :D http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61761

    And if not, then that's OK, just wanted to get the word out there.
    It would mean a lot to me,
    Thanks a lot!

    Your welcome :D
    She found it on Little Joys myspace page if u want to look, but we didnt find anymore pics of them together or him and Guy either....but still i was so exited too when i saw that :dead:

    Right? Little Joy were in Chicago not too long ago and I wish i would have known cus I would of tried to see them :disappointed:
    Hey im still in the middle of reading that story :bomb: but hey my friend on here, Jenn found this pic of Will and Fab. i think the night of that one Little Joy gig......
    :) thought i would show u since u love both those guys!


    o and wierd i thought we were already friends on here? :thinking: i guess not? o well i sent u a request! :D:D:D
    At least make sure to give me a preread if you don't mind ;)

    I loved your other stories and I am not just saying that :) :)
    I mean, some stories are a bit 'over the top' but yours ...
    Ah well, you know what I mean :D

    PM is on its way ;)
    Morning :)
    I have, in fact. :laugh3:
    Well, I kind of finished the story way back but thought the ending was too easy so I went on with it, putting more drama to it (AGAIN! :laugh3:) but I haven't made the link public, just gave it out to some people only.

    There's loads to come and Anna helped me a great deal with the storyline :)

    Make sure to go on with yours as I would sooo love to read it :) :) :)
    Have you written anything new lately? Honestly speaking, I haven't been to the FF thread in a while, at least I'm not up to date with it so I thought about asking you directly as I enjoyed reading your stuff :)
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