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  • No, Haha I'm not talking about calling, just texting, and it would be easier on skype! Don't worry, my english skills in this area aren't good either xD
    Yes, I have facebook, tumblr and twitter. I'm a person with no social life at all xD Only coldplay ;)
    Or maybe do you have skype? It would be easier to talk on skype :D
    yes, there's still a lot of time, but yeah xD
    I'm spending this Christmas with my sister in Berlin (I've been there last year too) she's living there :) I can't wait, really! It'll be fun :D

    Do you have twitter or tumblr?
    No, it's Exam Challenges ;)
    I think there's a lot of school books where there is something about coldplay :D
    So do you have any plans for Christmas?
    I'm 16 :)
    jksdhfksjdf I just found something about coldplay in my old english book! haha xD This made my day! :')
    wow! haha! I can't stop wondering who has me as a match! I can't wait to see my christmas card :D
    yes, did you heard The Goldrush? It's perfect. And also Gravity and don quixote! those are b-sides or unrealised songs. And there's so many of them :D
    Mine was In my Place and Viva la vida. And I still have sentiment to these songs. I was so happy when I heard those songs live, it was like my big dream came true :D
    But my favorites songs are Moses, fix you and the scientist. Of course I love every coldplay song but those free are in the top of my list ♥
    haha! I heard them for the first time in I think March 2011 so I'm not old fan either, but I love them very much and they are love of my life (in music way) :D
    What was the first song that you heard? :)
    Yes, talking with people really helps improve your english :)
    They won't show this in my country :/ But I don't mind, I already ordered limited version of Live 2012 and I'll watch it at home with free popcorn! ;D
    Have you been to their concert? :)
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