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  • Yes! Mission accomplished! :dance:

    I think it's so cool, to post a story for the world to read, to have people I don't know read it,to just throw it out there and see what happens. I love the internet :heart:
    Anyway, can you explain me that stuff about Liga de solo Coldplayers and Trollplayers? Because I wasn't online when it happened, so I didn't say anything and I'm still in the Coldplayers' one... What I only know is that it's someway related to pictures and copyrights, isn't it? :confused:
    I've just found out that you've got a page on Facebook! I'm your 26th fan :awesome:
    That hacker put up a wall I couldn't go over. So I went around it. Nothing short of nuclear war can keep CP fans away from here :lol:

    So, are you gonna watch the Youtube live stream for ACL?
    Everything's Not Lost ;)

    Stupid virus/hacker/whatever shut down our accounts! But nothing can stand in the way of a true Coldplay fan, because we are just that cool. And can't stand to not know what's going on in the wonderful world of Coldplay :p :awesome:
    I couldn't wake up to buy it ASAP, I had a test the day it came out and I didn't wanna fail :lol: But I did buy it right as soon as I got home. I put off doing my homework for an hour so that I could listen to it over and over and over and over again.

    It does suck. Occaisionally I try to access my old account and I get nowhere. But that hacker just could not keep me away from the MX excitement tho :heart:
    So glad to be back. My email was hacked and therefore so was my CPing, I am so mad at whoever did that.

    Anyway, I really really really really really need to know, what's your opinion of Paradise? I love it! Can't wait for MX

    Oh this took a few hours, especially since I don't make these pixel pictures very often and I don't have experience in doing so. Drawing the moving hand with the cake in it was NO FUN :dead:
    Ha yeah, when I have enough money :shame:
    I have been on a plane 4 times in my life and it's fun! :awesome:

    Oh no I'm sorry you had such a terrible week :( Life can be a bitch sometimes: I'm sorry about your loss .:hug:
    I would love to visit America one day :wacky:
    Ha oh well, the farthest I've been is England :dozey:

    Tell me about your week.
    America is BIG, trust me! :lol: Just compare Germany to youe country...

    Oh noes, Brooke lives in NY? I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing bad happens!
    Okay. I tend to forget how freaking HUGE your country is so I don't know which places exactly are effected by the storm :shy:
    Hey! I just saw the news about that huge freakin hurricane coming for NY. Are you in any danger? :uhoh:
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