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  • Hey! I received your gift yesterday! It mean a lot to me! I'd like to thank you personally here(I post thanks on the Secret Santa's thread + some pictured from the present). Thank you again! I'm sure your Secret Santa will surprise you as much as you surprise me(if you haven't received your gift yet)! :)
    Understandable. It's also early in your life to move to another country, so you'll miss lots of friends.
    I've been in London twice. Thanks for the offer, though. :nice: It's nothing special, but I'm not on my own computer this summer, so I don't have the map on hand. This is also why I reply so late.
    At least you're secured something to live in when you arrive, that's great. :) Is it UCL, Greenwich or something else?
    Velbekomme! :) I'm so glad to hear you had a great birthday. Sounds like your friends are keepers. :)
    Thank you; I'll take you up on that offer! ;) I have such an urge to go to London, but no money to travel for yet. I even made my own Google map with places and shops I want to visit. :p
    Have you found something to live in? :O
    Hi Rania,
    Tillykke med dagen!! I can't wait to hear your whole life story when we meet in August, hehe. :nice: Or here, whatever you like. :p
    I hope you're not still too bummed about missing your trip to London. You're going to study and live there; think of that! I'm so jealous, btw. :) It seems like every Coldplayer I know but me are moving there. Enough about me.
    I hope you had a wonderful day. :D
    Aw damn. That is terrible. At least you guys are probably living a happier life in Norway than one you would have lived in Palestine.
    Fully agreed. :nod:

    i know some people who dislike Bon Iver, but yeah, I do doubt their taste in music hehe. What about your favourite bands, apart those who were on the tape?
    Happy 2012! Hope you didn't blow your thumbs off. :p!

    I just went with a crap load of friends. It was a ton of fun! We were absolutely freezing but, it was great. :D
    He got thrown out of there?? Israel or Palestine? Or both? :/ Oh believe me, a few of my friends in my degree feel the same way, my history teacher actually got me into the fight, he himself went to Palestine and he saw what it was like there. He didn't even need to try to convince me to agree with him haha

    Aw yeah, you're pretty amazing yourself :charming:
    Yeah well all he does is some unreleased songs that he plays randomly sometimes, without any studio versions and it's sort of annoying, ugh. He did a few songs studio-wise though, like Lonely Soldier, and I am in looooooooooove with that song :')
    Bon Iver is just... the way to my heart.
    Lately, I've been listening to Frank Turner a lot, The National, M83, Death Cab for Cutie, The Antlers, just to name a few. I have quite the varied taste haha. Here, my last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/MariePeter18
    OOh, sorry. :nice: But that's cool! :D

    You have a happy new year too!! Any fun plans for New Years Eve? I'll be at Times Square, with about a million other people. :p!!
    Yes actually, I didn't recognize only like 3 songs! I loooooooove Damien Rice, he is one of my favourite artists ever, I also enjoy Joshua Radin a looot (Don't Look Away is a fav of mine, altho Brand New Day is great too) and I freaked out when I heard Glen Hansard, Strick Joy by The Swell Season is one of my favourite albums ever. Also, Bon Iver is my favourite band ex aequo to Coldplay hehehehe, so you couldn't go wrong with them (I went to see them live at the beginning of the month!) and of course, I recognized Mumford and Sons a few times on the mixtape hehe. I had never really listened to Laura Marling before though, and she sounds great! Thank you again for the mixtape :wacky:

    Merry belated Christmas to you too! :D
    Yep! :D and well, it doesn't make it much easier in this one case though, because arabic is sooooooooooo different from any roman or germanic language, it'sl ike starting to read/write all over, with the new alphabet haha

    I completely feel the same way about documentaries, I loooove watching them, my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy. and omg you are actually from Palestine?? The isrealopalestinian conflict is one of the worst situations in the world, and I'm subscribed to this organization's newsletter about it, and god, let's just say it is the one battle in the world I fight for (I am very interested in politics and follow this case very closely). (I sound like a nerd, dont i? :uhoh:)
    I actually haven't listened to that one yet, but I'll definitely check it out. :D

    D'aww, I hope you had a great Christmas! :kiss: Any good presents? :p

    Ooh, yes, my family knows me well. :D
    I know, I love arabs for this reason, so friendly :wacky: Hahaha you need a little practicing, that's all :D And Idk why I started learning it, I just already knew spanish english and german, and I felt like learning smth completely new, and arabic seems to be interesting. I am interested in politics too, and we hear a lot about the arabic world on that scene, and I just think the arab culture is incredibly interesting.

    Oh wow, your sister is on TV? D: haha that is great! go for it if you already have some contacts that could help! Ahh really documentary? Why is that? (I love documentaries)

    Oh btw I am currently wrapping gifts, listening to your tape :kiss:
    I am too. :wacky: I think in '08 or '09 I was in iTunes, and kept seeing FEFA come up on the "People Who Bought This Also Bought" thing. So I tried him and it was love at first listen. :D

    It really has been! Bon Iver's album being the best of the year, if you ask me. Then there's Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Flo and the Machine, Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, soo many good albums. :freak: Usually in a year we only get one or two. This has been one for the books. :D
    Yeah, that would be nice. :wacky:!!

    He really is! He makes everyone else just look terrible. :D

    I really don't know what they'll do but, I really don't think they can make a bad song. :wacko: So whatever it'll be, it's gonna be great. :dance:!!!!
    Well, I think the way arabians are perceived was absolutely biased by the way the United States made them look to the rest of the world. Not all arabians are mormons, and even less are islamists. I actually have never met an arabian who wasn't nice, welcoming and polite. Ohhh believe me, it's not easy haha, but if you actually took the time to learn the alphabet and stuff, I'm fairly sure it'd come naturally to you :D
    It was! A great preparation for the actual university. If it makes sense to you, pre-university college in Quebec is like a mix of the 12th grade and the first year of university in the USA.

    My uni has a partnership with universities in Scotland and in London, so I might go to one of these :D Damnnnn, those are nice plans. I have an English friend who studies this in the uk, near London, and he absolutely loves it, although he knows that chances to make money out of it as a career arent that high. He still plans on teaching though!
    That's SERIOUSLY awesome. :freak: I only said 2013 because every couple of years is about average... but of course.... Justin's much higher than average. :smug:.
    omg that's awesome, you must be so pretty, I havfe a positive stereotype regarding arabians haha, I just love the typical traits, ugh, so beautiful :wacky: do you speak arabic? oh it went well actually, I'm only in Arabic I so it's all the basic stuff.
    and nope, I'm 20, I did some pre-university college before university (it's complex to explain to people who aren't born in quebec :/)

    ooo so you're 18? 19? that sounds amazing, I'm actually planning on studying in the uk for a semester in two years (maybe, we'll see) what kind of degree would you like to study?
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