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    [2016-03-14] Coldplay live at the Today Show

    Hi Iamsue I saw you DVRd the performance. Around 8:30am Right before the band's first song, they did an introduction and Carson Daly then read some tweets and showed some fans pics. That was my 2 year old daughter they showed a pic of from her 1st Coldplay concert in 2012. Is it possible for...
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    [2016-03-14] Coldplay live at the Today Show

    did anyone happen to dvr or record the Today show? Carson Daly showed a picture of my daughter and read a tweet we sent in. My cable was out so I wasnt able to DVR it and my daughter was already at school. Please let me know! Many thanks
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    When will the North American tour of AHFOD happen?

    If anyone cares, I have 2 tickets for Sat July 16 at MetLife Stadium. Sec 115A row 27. Feel free to message if interested.
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    Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

    Hi all, I have 2 great tickets available for Saturday July 16th at MetLife Stadium. Sec 115A Row 27. Please send me a message if interested. Thanks!
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    [6-Aug-2014] Chris Martin to play solo NYC show

    Has anyone received word if they won tickets for the show via the website? Also, does anyone happen to know what venue the secret show is at? Hoping for a miracle!
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    Colbert Show

    I was lucky to get a ticket to the show. They played Paradise and Up In Flames. A small group of fans waited outside after the show and when Chris came out he signed autographs along with Jonny & Will. Needless to say, an amazing time! Can't make it to Today show but have fun everyone!