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    I enjoyed it so much, I almost peed my pants!!

    The song in question is......... ......Green Eyes. I don't dislike it, I just think it sounds a bit like they came up with a song to fill the album....just my opinion though!!
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    Thank you over and over!!! Have to say thanx for the ingenious idea of supplying us mere, limited internet users (can only access while at work...and even then it's frowned upon!) with gorge pics of the God that is Chris Martin!!! I now have lovely wallpaper which will brighten up the dullest...
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    What's everyone's fave song on AROBTTH?

    Unhealthy obsession... I just love 'Warning Sign'.....especially when the God that is Chris Martin belts out the haunting 'the truth is.....I miss you'...oh how I long to be the subject matter of the song! Alright, I know he wrote it after his split with his girl....but hey. what girl wouldn't...