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  • I can not believe! I really like David Fonseca too.:)
    Unfortunally I have never been to any of his concerts..:cry:

    What is your surname, if I may ask?

    I would like to study arqueology, but I am still thinking about that because it is difficult to find job in this area, you know..:thinking:
    Thats great! I like Humanos and Cla!
    I am going to uni next year. I would love to have the same experience as you.
    Well our countries are both something special! They are brother countries!
    What are you studying?
    I am doing fine too.;)
    That is great! And what have you been listening to?:)

    P.S.:Its funny that you have been to portugal because a couple of weeks ago I went to Palma de Maiorca and I loved it!
    Your country is really something!
    I'm sorry. I have to leave now. Let's continue this conversation tomorrow, alright ?
    Good night Ari :hug: sweet dreams!
    haha, sorry. I completely missed the fact that you were back.. you probably mentioned it somewhere..
    It's always nice to spend some time with family, especially when you did not see them for a long time :nice:
    getting a job worries me too. I hope it goes well for you! Where do you want to move to ? You mean to another city, or just so you wont live with your dad anymore ?
    I just moved out of my appartment, and came back to my parents' house. I will move in with my sister soon.
    Btw, did you book your flight ? I cant wait really!
    weird talk ... what was it about ? maybe you don't wanna tell me :p
    okay so I'm gonna watch that soon so that I can ask you a lot of questions :p

    what is up with you ? are you still on your trip to see your family, or back home ?
    The song is quite good. I like it!

    haha, I'm sure the doctor's gonna end up with the teacher. :p
    dont tell me.. hehe!
    thank you !
    Ooh, cry ? now I wonder what happened! I'll try to watch that soon.
    weird they only have 9 episodes. are they gonna make another season ?
    what's the music ? a spanish band ?
    Hi there !
    You mentioned a youtube channel with the episodes of the TV series. I dont know if you saw my reply in the thread because it was a bit busy in there but I'd like to see it :)
    Hi there !
    Thank you for your wishes and sorry for being so late !
    Hope you're fine !
    See you soon dear Ari !
    lol no problem. i've been trying to promote my group on last.fm cos i've only got 42 people :\ lol 42. I need more people! but i advertise so often it's getting annoying. i wish more people would sign up : /
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