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Recent content by dave's girl

  1. D

    Who are you rooting for?

    Norah Jones then, and Eminem. :D Not Avril Lavigne, surprisingly enough, although I like her a bit better now after she looked suitably bored throughout the whole of the Brit Awards (apart from Clocks, I hope).
  2. D

    Who are you rooting for?

    Who else is nominated that I would know? :?
  3. D

    happy birthday bojana

    Happy Birthday! :D And Maria, say Happy Birthday to Helen for me. :D
  4. D

    Tell me your own Politik

    there's 3 of us apparently. it's not so much that I disagreed with him making a statement, just the way he made it.
  5. D


    Welcome Kate :D (and welcome to anyone else I've missed) :D :D :D
  6. D

    Tell me your own Politik

    ooh - I just found it. I voted no.
  7. D

    Tell me your own Politik

    where is the poll? :? I've just read about a supposed anti-war concert being planned with them, Travis and Ms Dynamite. At the end of the day they are entitled to their opinions but I'm not sure music/politics should mix. A more validated argument would be welcome - just saying that Bush...
  8. D

    The Offical Spice Girls Thread.

    Re: As the original "The" band... do you really, really, really want to zig-a-zig-aaaaahhh? cos lets face it, who doesn't? :-D
  9. D

    Forrest Gump

    I haven't either, but Kevin Spacey's such a great actor that I really should make the effort :) Haley Joel Osment scares me a bit though :?
  10. D

    Angela needs cheer up aswell now

    god - you must have nerves of steel. good luck! :-D
  11. D


    :o it's all so early! I'll have to make the effort to wake up before 11 and everything :shock: - the sacrifices I make for Coldplay. :roll:
  12. D

    Angela needs cheer up aswell now

    I'm not sure it's working - shall I try something else? LOOK MARIA - THERE'S CHRIS MARTIN WALKING PAST YOUR WINDOW!! :o (is that convincing enough?)
  13. D

    1000 tonight

    it is not good, trust me. my dad has truly disgusting taste in music. I'm not sure, but I think I'm called Jane because it's in a Rod Stewart song :o Thank God he didn't sing about Maud or something :shock:
  14. D


    when's it on? :-o
  15. D

    Angela needs cheer up aswell now

    Hahaha - be careful, don't fall off or I'll have to give you the crutches :o and that just wouldn't do :lol: