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  • My seats are alot better this time than last time last time i wasnt as big as a coldplay fan so i sat in the back lol but im going by myself and driving by myself, its my first time driving this far im nervous!
    We have to meet up at the miami concert :D and since other coldplayers are going we should put together a little meet and greet!
    Im working on more of them! since your so close if you bring it to my work ill put it on something for you for a discounted price :D
    Yeah and i go by city place pretty often as like a hang out! lol weve probably walked past eachother once and never realized it...
    Nice! that looks like its by city place am i right?! by the convention center over there! maybe ill post some pictures of the wellington green mall since im like a minute away from it!
    Hi! I did use regular spraypaint, but in the end it didn't work out that well, as the paint kind of washes out and fades a lot after only one or two washes. The designs are still on the shirts, but in a kind of vintage, washed-out way. I think they might make fabric spray paint? Hope that helps!

    PS: you have to be very careful about not using too much paint, because it absorbs really quickly and spreads beyond the stencil!
    the only thing wrong with POC is all the good parts are at the beginning of the song so i never listen to the whole thing :/ but i love dlibyh my ratings would be


    mx/hlh 9/10
    Para-para-paradise 8/10
    Charlie brown 7/10
    Us against the world 9/10
    Mmix/etiaw- 8/10
    mm 6/10
    ufo 6/10
    poc 8/10
    UIF 7/10
    aht/dlibyh 8.5/10
    uwtb 9/10

    the album as a whole 9/10
    I love MX its my second favorite album by coldplay! :D my favorite song hmmm its so hard to pick i think ill go with MX/Hurts like heaven because that song just feels like a masterpiece i love it!!!

    Hiya! Thanks for your interest. I figured its something myself and other Coldplay fans would really like to have, to show our support and stitch or stick onto a jacket or bag. If I can get enough people interested then its worth having them made to cover costs
    Yeah thats what im doing tonight : / i miss the viva era it was my favorite era! it got me sucked into coldplay! i miss it :( btw if you ever go to the wellington green mall stop by stitch by stitch i might be working and it would be nice to have an actual friend who likes coldplay :p
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