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    Concerts/Artists you have seen/Are planning to see

    Have tickets to see Bear's Den in November and Alex Clare in December. May also catch one of the monthly Communion label shows at Gypsy Sally's, a small club here in D.C
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    I still buy CDs too. Like you I enjoy having something to hold on to.
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    Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..

    No ring, right? Is he married yet? Or maybe he just chooses not to wear a wedding band though he did when he was married to Joanna.
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Swallowed in the Sea popped in my head when I saw the thread so I'll go with that.
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    2014 Albums Worth Listening To

    Looking forward to Bear's Den LP, Islands. It's due to be released October 20th. Great live band too though totally different energy from a Coldplay show.
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Besides Coldplay. Mumford and Sons, Bear's Den, Frank Turner, The Vaccines, Haim.
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    What are you thinking right now?

    How the hell am I going to get this giant June bug out of my house??! Despite the fact I've opened the door it keeps crashing into the walls. Never mind it landed on the floor my dog promptly ate it! Problem solved.
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    What are you thinking right now?

    Talk of Mumford and Sons working on LP3 seems to be legit. Oh Happy Day!!
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    Country flags!

    I agree,just updated mine
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    Yup,toned and healthy looking without being freakishly so.
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    LOL Maybe his pecs and abs match the arms now. :lol: Seriously though, that body in the pic is a freak of nature!
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    Answer the question above you

    Risotto. What did you eat for dinner last night?
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    Answer the question above you

    Forgot to post a question,sorry! Favorite type wine?
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    Answer the question above you

    Frank Turner I Am Disappeared
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    LOL. Glad I misunderstood since it didn't seem like a "Chris Martin" thing to do.