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  • I'm going to have to wait in the station until 4am for my coach, five hours of fearing what could happen to me. I bet the Bieber can throw a party, the little rascal.

    Fourth time yeah, even I'm shaking my head right now. I didn't work out how I was going to get home afterwards before I bought it, now I realise this error ha.

    I would completely mean it in a creepy way, and we'll all be like "we know what happens when Win and Regine wake up with the power out." Haha, we can't have that happening.
    Yeah I ended up buying a ticket to see them again on Sunday ha, 'tis bad.
    Alright WIN, REGINE and you other sexy folks, you've almost had a year off, time to start up again!
    Haha, hey Emma THE SHOW WAS AWESOME AGAIN! I come out of them so happy, an hour and a half of smiling, singing, screaming and jumping is perfect. I just want to keep seeing them, but I know I should be thankful that I've seen them twice in six months.

    I'll never have enough space at a gig to dance as much as I want to Every Teardrop.
    Aw Thanks :)

    Yes being pathetic is a real balance - but unfortunately I seldom do non-pathetic things so my scales are on uneven standing. :(

    My weekend will be boring I feel. I'm at my Grandpa's farm for a little while so I've just been helping him with the horses and awfully attempting to place some fences. How about your weekend?
    I'm in my third year of medicine.

    I've touched very briefly on psychology and I can admire anyone who has to put up with it!

    And yes I like being weird too. Although trying on old clothes does make me feel a little bit pathetic. Just a little bit!
    Thanks! :)

    What was your assignment for? What are you studying?

    I had an assignment too it was quite hectic.

    And yes, I try on old clothes all the time. I think it makes us weird.
    I'm great thank you for asking!!

    I've just recovered from being sick for 2 days. I ate this salad and I was throwing up EVERYWHERE. I was just walking around vomiting on things for 2 days. Ahh good memories.

    But now I'm better so I feel like I can bench press the universe.
    HAHAHA. 8 classes, so much walking @[email protected]

    Yeah, there will be lessons like Bio, Chem or Physics where we head downstairs. Or when the teacher wants to use other places to teach, then we have to get out of class. Otherwise we're just in our classes.

    Ugh, I hate it when the computers in school are outdated and blocked. One of my school teachers was using one of the computers and she downloaded a file, which she had no idea where it was saved on the computer. :uhoh: she's not the ICT teacher tho

    aofdhasofchsaa :freak:
    yu iz gifted in science :awesome: But doing what you like > doing what you're good in. :wacky:

    DDDD: wait, do you enter classrooms or do you have fixed classrooms? Because over here, we have our own classroom and the teachers are the one that enter... :uhoh:
    aodhawfuoahofhapwh you're so lucky to have those classes! We have no choice but to take PE. And we don't have fun classes like those. DDD:
    OMG A FOR BIO. THAT IS BRILLIANT. oafasihfpasihfpafihaipfh :freak: :awesome: Congrats! :hug: Kick ass in college!

    Oh gosh. It's like PE lesson just by walking up the steps. :blank: (it's same here because of the many floors)
    30?!!! DDDDD: That's wayyy too much. And I guess by now you'd have goten your results! (yeah i barely come on the forum .__.) How did it go, if you don't mind me asking? :wacko:

    Oh, tights can be annoying if it's hot! :sick:
    We wear pinafores here. Yeah, pretty hot, especially since my class is on the highest floor of the school building and when the wind blows and it does not blow in cool air... :sick::sick:
    Ohhh! :wacko: It's okayy. :wacky: And what level are you taking?

    At least you have non-uniform days. We don't. :disappointed: And because Malaysia is like some super hot country, uniforms are annoying. :|
    When it's hot, anything feels terrible to wear. :|
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