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  • I hope you have an AMAZZING time at the Coldplay Concert tonight!! :D

    Hahaha!! And OMG I cannot believe you'll be seeing them in less than 24 hours now!!!! Congrats, have an OMGAMAZING time & tell me about it afterwards!! :D
    Whatever you'd like! :lol: It just won't notify me when you reply to me on your wall so I might be replying late. And thank you! It's great being well again! :nice: Glad to hear you're a little bit of a Muse fan at least. :dance: They're my 3rd favourite band, so I basically love them far too much. :D But yeah I get what you mean! Coldplay is BY ALL MEANS my absolute all-time favourite band ever so it's hard for me to get into other bands/artists because I always want to listen to like ONLY Coldplay, and then I'm comparing everything I ever hear to Coldplay, which isn't too fair, 'cause what can compare to Coldplay?! :lol: :heart:
    And OMG your concert is SOOOOOOO soon!! I'll bet you're FREAKING OUT!! :dance:
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks xoxo
    OOPS! So I did! :lol: Well I guess there's no harm in continuing this convo in my wall... :laugh3: And cool! I'm so excited too!!! :D And I'm SO glad that you're well again :) And pertaining to Muse: I am a little bit of a fan, I like the songs I have heard. Right now, I'm a little bit too absorbed in Coldplay to explore new bands, but I do like them for what I have heard from them. :)
    Hey I think you replied on your wall instead by accident. :lol: But thanks! I'm feeling completely well now. :) Oh wow CONGRATS on getting to see them on July 30th!! SOOOO soon!!!! :surprised: I got to see them on their June 22nd Dallas stop. Absolutely without a doubt, it was not only the most amazing concert I've ever been to, but one of the most amazing experiences EVERRR!! Those xylobands create a sight unlike anything I've ever seen! :wacko: And Coldplay just puts on the most unspeakably awesome show...ah man I could just go on and on forever about how amazing they are. :lol: But yes! My username is indeed a Muse reference. :D Wanted to find some way to segue my second most favourite band into my username. :wacky: Are you also a Muse fan? :)
    But the joke is on you, for I am being silly too!

    See how that rhymes? See? I am so amusing. Bwahaha. *cricket noises*

    Oh my! Well I really hope you recover quickly! I'm sorry that happened! And I am going to see the boys on July 30th and I am very excited! :D How about yourself?
    Sure! Thanks again for the request. Glad to hear you're doing well! :nice: And to be honest, I'm actually getting over food poisoning, so I'm not the best, but Coldplaying.com is definitely the most fun hang-out to be when you're sick & well so in general I'm doing all right, I suppose. :)
    So have you had the honour of getting to see Coldplay this tour yet? :dance:
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