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  • oh jesus
    I know you don't post anymore
    but I was lurking an old thread
    and your avatar
    Lol seriously? Yeah, the most random people follow me and I'm just like, "wtf who are you? we don't have anything in common!" :p

    It is addicting :shame:
    I saw you had a tumblr so I followed it if that's ok? :)
    I know the site is still being a bit annoying right now :shifty:
    Hello my Gorillaz friend! I just wanted to say prepare yourself for the show of a lifetime :bomb: BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! You will enjoy it so much!!
    No don't envy me because after I see them then your going to see them and I will be jealous then :p

    Oh I see. yes, I have to drive 4 hours to see them too :sad: sucks.
    Blur are my favorite band!! We have an awesome Blur thread on here if you haven't visited there yet... or maybe you did and our fangirlin' scared you away? lol :p

    Nice choices! Mine are Parklife and 13... do you have a favorite song?
    I am seeing them in 6 days :awesome::awesome:
    I'm so nervous too though for some reason I don't know why lol.
    The setlist looks amazing though and it seems they are playing for a long time compared to most concerts.
    Do you live in Amsterdam? I visited there a few months ago, it's an amazing city.
    Btw are you a Blur fan?
    Hi, I noticed your seeing Gorillaz in your siggy... where are you seeing them? :)
    Just wondering 'cus I'm seeing them in a few days too, very exited!
    Haha yeah I noticed that (about the review I mean). You still can review it if you want :tongue: but don't worry it's no big deal if you're feeling to lazy to do it! I really enjoyed listening to your mixtape anyway so thanks.
    Argh at least you had one great week and I bet you earned plenty of money by working so much :nice:! I'm actually super broke at the moment so I envy you for this. July was pretty boring (apart from some concerts, you know that was when I went to see The National, Vampire Weekend and The XX) but August was wayyy better! I spend one week by the ocean (West of France), one week with some friend in the middle West of France and one week by the mediterranean sea (in the south of France) with my sis and some friends and finally I just spend a week in Norway to visit a friend who's spending the year there (Erasmus you know). It was sooo awesome! My classes will only start the 20th so I'm still on holidays. I'm going back in the big city where I live when I'm not on holidays tomorrow though. I can't wait to catch up with my roommate and everything!
    Hey hey! I figured since you were online I would stop by and see how you are :nice:. How was your summer, Poland and everything? Did you start college yet?
    I don't know why but I was truly pissed off to miss (or so I thought) this listening party :laugh3:.
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