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  • no, not really (well, apart from promise to myself i will eat less chocolate and candies, but i never do it :uhoh: :lol:).
    to be honest, last year i swore i wouldn't make resolutions again because if i really want or need to do something, then i won't wait for new year to come. :p
    don't know if i was clear enough :uhoh:
    cool! :)
    i spent christmas with my mum's family too, i really enjoyed it. i got a lot of presents :D and i also ate a lot :p
    i wish you a happy new year. :nice: my 2011 was sh**ty, i really hope 2012 will be better. :)
    thank you, i'm so excited! :D glad to know you'll see them live too :nice:

    so, what are you going to do for Christmas? :santa: i'll just celebrate it with my family.
    well every time i listen to mylo xyloto i always skip it :/
    btw YES! :D in may, i just can't wait! :dance: i havent been to a coldplay concert since 2008, now it's time to see them again live! :D what about you?
    i was getting worried too! but right now i'm addicted to mx. :D
    i don't actually have a favourite song, it changes every day. the four "u" songs are the best to me. :D
    i've listened to it. i have to admit, it isnt that bad. Rihanna's voice is different from usual, also i like the music. i really cant believe what i'm saying :D
    i think that (apart form the songs we alredy had listened live) up in flames, up with the birds and u.f.o. are the best. mylo xyloto won't be their best album, but it's still great. :)
    i haven't listened it yet, i prefer waiting until monday :)
    i've read various comment on it, it seems that Rihanna sings most of the time :( i remember a live version of POC and the music seems to be pretty good. the fact that most coldplay fans don't like it it's beacuse of Rihanna :angry:
    i hope so.. it seems they'll come in Italy around the 26/27 june 2012.. and guess what? on the 28th june it'll be my 18th birthday! :D it'll be a great way to celebrate my b-day with them :heart: i really hope this rumour is true, i'm so excited! :awesome:
    i guess the video will be released before the album comes out, but i'm not sure about it. :thinking:
    Us against the world is actually my favourite song too! :D with Charlie Brown.. it HAS to be their new single! :angry: do you remember UATW's performance live on Letterman? it was epic! :lol: i had a lot of fun that night (well, morning here in Italy). i've watched all the shows they played that were streamed live and they have been pretty good. i still don't get why they haven't announced an italian show yet.. during the european leg they'll go three times in Germany and no one in Italy! what a shame :(
    since the last time i wrote you about paradise, i've changed my mind: i've started liking it! :D i still don't like the refrain, but i actually like intro and Chris's voice.
    i'm curious to know how the video will be, i've heard there'll be a brazilian girl in it, i think :thinking:
    about the collaboration with rihanna, i dont even want to talk about it. i'll wait 'till the album come out, then i'll say what i think about it. :)
    i've read a lot of MX reviews, and i believe it'll be a great album, particularly because all the songs they played live during the last shows are simply amazing! :)
    to be honest, i don't like it. i mean, it sounds like a jay-z song. i don't like the drums and the "para-para" thing. i'm so sorry :/ it's not that bad, but it doesn't even sound like a coldplay song. :( i don't want another parachutes or another arobtth, i'm glad they're "brave" enough by changing their style, that's why i hope the whole album will be better. but i just can't accept that rihanna will duet with chris in princess of china.. hope it'll be worth asking her to collaborate with them. :/
    ok, let's call it Mailo Zailoto. :D
    only few days away and Paradise will be released :bomb: hope there will be at least a b-side, so we'll have one more new song. :D
    have a nice day. :nice:
    no, school will start on the 12th september (the day "Paradise" will be out :awesome:), i still have time to enjoy the last days of vacation :awesome:
    i can understand how you feel, it always happen to me too when school starts, i'd just like to go backwards at the beginning of june. :D
    are you excited about new Coldplay album? i still don't know if i pronounce "Mylo Xyloto" in the right way. :p
    HEY!! I haven't logged onto here in forever.. I'm sorry :( How are you? How is everything going? NEW COLDPLAY ERA FTW :D
    Maybe you're right, I'd just like to do more conversation in English with my classmates instead of doing grammar exercises. :p

    You won't believe it, but I have to study latin for 5 years. I just want to kill myself. :dead: It's useless, I don't like it, that's why I'm not good at it. :sad:
    Spanish is sexy.. muy caliente, you know :p i know only few words but i would like to learn it. also, is similar to italian :D
    i really hope i can improve my english.. in school we mostly learn grammar and it doesnt help that much :\
    french is interesting but it has a lot of irregular verbs :uhoh: you need to have a good memory! :lol:
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