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    Ghost Stories by the numbers

    Yeah I'd think I would have heard ASFOS by now...can't see anything else being played much, though.
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    Bonus Tracks

    I doubt the first guess, Chris said the album was 100% of what they were shooting for. My guess is that the tracks just didn't fit into their vision for the album.
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    Here's pics of target edition Angles are weird cause I was trying to not get reflections but somehow didn't notice that there was a vent visible on one of them -.- I'm lazy and didn't...
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    Ghost Stories Target release

    My target had it out :]
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    Criticisms with the album?

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    This album spent the previous 42 minutes telling me what a jerk I am...

    Me and my girlfriend of four years had a mutual (but upsetting) breakup a week ago. I cry every time I listen.
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    Parachutes vs. Ghost Stories!

    Round 1: Don't Panic Round 2: Trouble Round 3: Ink Round 4: True Love Round 5: Sparks Round 6: Another's Arms Round 7: Oceans Round 8: Yellow Round 9: Everything's Not Lost Parachutes: 5 GS: 4
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    Ghost Stories visual album

    because itunes is a pos software
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    Viva La Vida vs. Ghost Stories

    Round 1: Life In Technicolour Round 2: Cemeteries of London Round 3: Lost! Round 4: 42 Round 5: Lovers In Japan Round 6: Viva La Vida Round 7: Violet Hill Round 8: Strawberry Swing Round 9: Death And All His Friends VLV: 9 GS: 0 And I really like Ghost Stories....
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    Ghost Stories visual album

    Can someone send me a link for video? Watched it 5 times already on my laptop but I refuse to install itunes on my new desktop.
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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    Here's a conversation I had with a friend when I showed him this song. He generally does not like very "poppy" music, i.e. avicii, rihanna, beyonce, one direction, t swift, etc etc. I got him hooked on Coldplay about 2 years ago, his favorite Coldplay album is AROBTTH followed by Parachutes...
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    A Sky Full Of Stars!! (Out now - See first post)

    It seems like it's going to be their "big hit" off this album and it my not chart as well if it is heard weeks before it is released as a single.
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    NBC DVD SPECIAL TRAILER! (May 18, 2014)

    I refuse to install itunes on my new computer. Time to dig out my old laptop...