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  • Hi Fraaaaaaank!!! :dance:

    I'll keep this in English coz I saw you're writing with Ana at the moment and I'm also worried about how to organise the queuing thing...
    Hope we'll be lucky!!

    Don't know how to survive the 19th though.
    At the moment it looks as if we won't get to sleep much...

    Let's talk about meet-up in Düsseldorf soon!
    :kiss: Anna
    hm do u think so? its unfair if i dont stay in the queue the same time other people stay and i can get in front like them. but we will see.
    hi frank :)

    im going to the concert of the 18th :) i want to ask u how u gonna do, i mean, the queue thing. we gonna leave the 1st concert, sleep a bit and back to the queue? im not sure if im going to be strong enough to be 2 days in the queue.
    Hey Frank...where are you hiding?! :p We never see you on msn anymore! (And yes, we are very demanding... :lol: )
    Merry Christmas Frank ! wish you the best for the year to come ! and many many Coldplay concerts :p see you in 2009 !
    Hi Frank hows it going? Did you enjoy the concert last night? I had a great time on Monday night and it was nice meeting up with you and Mark. Hopefully we might meet up again at Wembley next year.
    Ok Starbucks sounds good, my mobile number is 07870563830 should you need to contact me, i don't know what you look like though!
    Sorry but i couldn't help but notice your picture with chris and let me say that's absolutely awesome!! How did that come about?
    Hi, i am going to the gig tommorow on the 15th and i was wondering if you would like to meet up at the arena before the show, as your friend mc_squared suggested i should do. I would phone you (mc_squared gave me your number) but my phone has been rather busy today and i don't have much credit on my mobile.
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