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  • haha thanks:) it's okay i know that celebration never stops in the Philippines!:lol::dance:Have a great year too!:dance:
    Hello!! I got your card, I am your santa project match! Thank you so much, it was wonderful!!! :D I've put it right next to my LRLRL cd and LiTii vinyl in my room ^_^ Again thank you very much and have a happy new year!!! :D
    haha yeah i know what you mean, christmas break is the best thing! :D However my vacation this year starts from 23 december!! :( :D
    Oh and HO Ho Ho have a great Christmas!!! :D It's so soon! :D
    ooh greaat. :) akala ko kasi wala ka pa, gladly will ask people from around here to send you some. and its awesome that the person sent you confettis too! <3
    hahaha yeah it was funny, hope the band will take notice

    i dunno, someone called prinsesa mariposa? she's the site owner
    hahaha wow so you really deeply celebrate it, you have christmas for about half of the year, i understood it right? :D :dance:
    Here christmas is more modest, and it's the celebration of december only i guess. :D For example I only felt the seasonal mood about a week ago, when we decorated our home and when was snowing. And I dislike christmas songs, they are the same all years in turn. :confused: how you suffer that for such a long period? :lol: or maybe you have improved Philippine version of them? :thinking: Because here on radios plays the same shit, like last christmas or all i want for christmas is you. :sick: :D
    haha omg your weather is so enviable:awesome:! in here at hotest summers we have 20 and above celsius.:lol: but I'm also excited that yesterday here started snowing:dance: however today everywhere was ice and it wasn't exciting:embarassed:oh so do you celebrate christmas?:thinking:
    yeah smart speech. ;) but for some reason it makes me sad:(:D let's talk about the Philippine weather:D
    thats strange, i rarely meet people, who are/were thinking about journalism. uh but I have doubts too, journalism is a pretty shit job. medical sphere sounds really better, but im not good at this kind of subjects, you know, chemistry, biology..
    haha yeah:D I am finishing school and planning to be a journalist.:dozey: But of course it goes after coldplaying, which is in the first place, you know it's very important part of my life:dozey::lol:
    oh good! I hope you are around here in Manila some time in January, I have something planned out for us pinoy coldplayers... if you are open to the idea. :nice:
    :lol:haha so you could start healing people through internet!:wink3:then you won't need your legs:uhoh::D actually medical sphere sounds pretty interesting and perspective:wacko:
    me too get jealous, those people are sons of bitches!:lol:
    hahaha:lol: but well i know what you mean:(I'm being very lazy sometimes too:shame:recently i met some new people who are of my age and they are actually living, using their faculties and taking various experiences!and then i compared to myself and the big nothing which i have done.:rolleyes:but still, i always prefer sleeping longer than doing more in the day, and can't help myself:D so life's great:D so you are searching for a job?what kind of?
    Well.... you mean in my life? :thinking: yesterday I was in the club and there my fave artist was singing :D it was sooo great!! :D
    ...and...also... today my mom made my fave dish. :D
    So this weekend was good :lol:
    what about you??
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