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  • Math is done :)
    In My Place oxfam video - great, i want to see you in the video :)
    a little bit nervous because today i'm waiting for math exam results. And haw about you? :)
    Heya!!! :D
    Yeah, I have seen it, he looks veeery goood ^^ :p

    Actually, I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :D Veselé Vianoce a šťastný Nový Rok!

    Can't wait to get the Blu-ray Live 2012 for Christmas! ^^
    It's so fantastic to read your messages :) there is so much emotions :) i'm very happy to read it

    hahahha thanks! ;)
    Yeah, i saw it. Fantastic new performances. Chris is so silly... no, i was joking ;)
    Sorry for not replying! I was very busy for last few days :/
    WOOOOW! The Live 2012 in cinema was AWESOME!!! It brought all the memories from Prague back :D And the interviews with guys were awesome! :D They are veeery funny :D hehe
    I just had one problem- It was very very hard to stay seated :/ Even when I watch for example Live 2003 at home, I dance, sing and enjoy myself through the whole concert :D But there, I could sing just very silently to myself :(

    I am sorry about the postponed tour :( But at least it is just postponed and not cancelled at all :)

    Haha, well, he is not actually even a big AC/DC fan :D , but I would definitely go if he would want to! :D

    TOMORROW!!! :D CAN'T WAIT! <3 Hehe, same :D I haven't watched any video yet, just the trailer, wanna watch it first time tomorrow :D

    I am glad you enjoyed Europe :) Yeah, Prague was amazing, the whole time there, I actually keep thinking about for last few days and I miss it SO MUCH! We even enjoyed waiting the whole day for them! :D (I was scared that my BF would be in this weird mood from boredom, he wasn't yayyyy! :D )
    That's great! :D I looked at it on google and they are only going to open it in one month, right?
    Heyaaa, I remember youu :D sorry for not replying! Even though, I have been on coldplaying for 6 years, I still have no idea how to use it :D and I noticed only yesterday, that you wrote me :D
    Good to see you here too (and on youtube :D thank you for writing me there too)

    I can imagine you are! :D And at least you don' have to travel 10 000km! :D
    We are going to watch Live 2012 in cinema on tuesday so I am reaaallly looking forward to that! Are you going to watch it as well?

    Of course I don't mind!!! :D
    Btw, How was your Eurotrip? :)
    Maybe they kept it, in Madrid Chris asked for a flag which a girl had and he didn't give it back, so who knows...
    Oh God! you were very lucky, you threw it exactly to his hands!! :laugh3: oh boy.... eh... awww... Chris is so perfect I love his movements! I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM! :wacko:. Thank you so much for sharing :nice:
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