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  • mmhhh. well, more or less a trip.
    A friend of mine from spain came and I was traveling with her the whole week and I showed her Germany. It was really cool to have her here and it was really funny. Especially the new year tradition they have. :laugh4: 12 seconds before christmas they eat one grape each second :D but the mouth is so full then. Well of course we also tried it, but I sucked. I had about 5 or 6 grapes in my mouth and I couldn't eat more and it was too fast and I started to choke.
    My friend started to laugh and because I couldn't stop myself from laughing with her I nearly spit the grapes out. :embarrassed:

    How've you been?
    not much, got some presents on christmas and went to m,y friend's for new years, how about you?
    ya i really thought so 2 because it was my very 1st date like that so of course i had to have a memory book moment.*which is my diary* but i dont like the word diary...it sound so girly.:laugh3:

    ya i bet the weathars bad but i know the feeling it only last for a month over here at least. so im trying to enjoy it as much as possible.:lol:

    drawing room area????:thinking: and thanks the tree is fake and it took awhile to decorate cuz we didnt want to make the ornaments so unbalanced that the tree would lead 2 a certain side:laugh3::laugh3:. that really cool to b in a play i am in a musical thatre class and i only have 2 days left of it till the new sememster.:)

    aw o crap how sloppy of me:embarassed:. that was left over from 4 that morning....i was runnin late to skool and just left em there. my cp shirt should b somewere in that pile lol. :wink3: but the comforter is willy wonka*johnny depp* ya i try to go 4 the worn in teen look lol:cool::D:laugh3::)

    ya for ser post a pic i was just going to as u that. cuz it sounds like a reall comical moment.:eek:
    heres the pics of my house.

    our xmas tree we just put it up last night
    my bedroom if u look closely u can c my cp posters
    my backyard...mind u, i just took these pics now.and we finally got the rain.
    more backyard pix
    the den/kitchen
    the living room
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