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  • Upon my first listen to "Viva La Vida" I decided that "Lost" was my favorite, and figured it to be the next single released from the CD. Well, the song was released but I don't know if it was the first after " La Viva Vida." I have a problem with the Jay-Z re-mix of "Lost." Why Jay-Z had to insert the "N" word in his rap is beyond me; and why Chris Martin and the band allowed it to happen. I am an African-American, and I'm alright with that; but I find the "N" word to be an ugly word, created as an insult, and utter disrespect for black people, by white slave owners and the like. I feel that African American men that use the "N" word themselves, and do not understand
    its true meaning; well I find these black men to be either ignorant, or lacking of respect for themselves. This is why I stay away from rap music, and this is why I am so very disappointed with Coldplay, and their decision to allow such a hateful word; to inflict itself into one of the bands most beautiful songs. Jay-Z has tainted "Lost." If I were a white person; I'd be laughing at black people and their ignorance, and disrespect for themselves. But since I am not white, the feeling I am left with is sorrow.
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