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  • Ok, well I really don't wanna miss one of my favorite songs, plus I have company tonight. If you plan doing it, do you mind exchanging numbers and txting/calling me if they DO show up? I'll make a run for it if that's the case :p Thanks Erick
    They'll be in the same place right? I'm planning to wait it out again, like tonight. When do the doors open again? 5:30?
    lol yeah, like that one girl posted earlier in the live thread... I guess just stalk them around 2-4 lmao... if you're willing enough
    Erick! Checkered-guy EJ here! Nice to see you today, I'll see you tomorrow for the second night! :D
    Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks :D xoxo
    hey sorry i didn't get back to you sooner, but yes, we're penpals! I'M EXCITED :D i really have never anything like this before so i don't know if you want me to pm you my address or something, i'd assumed that's how it would work, right? so really whatever you wanna do, just give me your ideas and we'll go from there!
    ugh, I believe you :hug: I'm sorry it had to end :( hopefully you'll meet someone who will maek your heart beat like this again.
    sorry if it took so long to reply, I called my gf to wish her goodnight, and I am not going to bed myself. it was nice getting to know you a little :nice: we should talk again very soon :nod:
    yeah, well I think it's riskier to go from a normal relationship to a long distance, because you are so used to being with the person on a daily basis (or so) that when you lose it... it is extremely hard. I remember, the month after I met ivet irl was hell, because now I knew what it was like to be with her and I absolutely loved it. I cant imagine if I were with her for a few months and then we had to be separated... :/ I'm sorry :hug:
    OH LOL. sorry, I read 'over a guy'.

    :( I'm sorry. did it not work out because of the distance? or other factors?
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