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  • Wow! :surprised: I'd be dead tired too. :lol:
    I hope that's a happy "aaaaggggghhhhhh" rather than a "wow this festival sucked" aaaaaaggggghhhhhh :p

    Clarinet. :awesome: Smallest section in the marching band! Only two of us. :surprised: Although we're the largest in the symphonic band, with ~15 :uhoh:
    ah , sorry it took so long to answer , I wasn't home for 10 days :p

    Woah , awesome ! :bomb:
    When is that ? the festival ???? :wacko:

    btw , have you noticed....

    the singer (Justin Yoing) is f*cking hot :wacky: :wink3: :mad:
    Oh , great :wacky:
    Where then ? :wacko:

    I saw them at Rock Werchter , fell in love :lol:
    bough the cd the week after ..;
    and now , I'm completely obessed ...
    to bad it's only 37 min long :blank:
    :( I have no idea why it's over 18 though. It just says so on the website. :shrug:
    Yeah I guess. The venue is still quite far away from here.
    Even worse, the tickets are really cheap.

    Nawh why can't I be 18 years old right now.
    I'll see what i can do. :\
    Me too! Their debut is so great. Haha, I totally get you, this happens to my last.fm all the time. I become obsessed with a band or a single song and it looks like they're my favorite band ever on my last.fm page. :thinking:
    I know, choosing favorites is so tough. :\ Mine change quite often. Well I probably shouldn't think about it too much, I'll just listen to whatever the hell I like. :p

    I can't believe Sin Fang is coming to Helsinki in August and I can't go because the age limit is 18. :bigcry:
    Yeah, it probably isn't, since I just reset it on May.

    Well, to name a few: The National, Mew & Sin Fang. I've been into múm and The Vaccines also lately. Aagh, The Vaccines performed here in my city on Friday but I had no idea. :disappointed: Luckily enough I found a live broadcast of that show!

    What about your favorites? :awesome:
    Haha thanks, my name isn't very usual in my country. :thinking:

    And yeah, some new band's names just keep popping up here and sometimes I end up listening to them and even liking them. :wacky:
    I agree! Haha :laugh4: Besides knowing them, I really love their music! Well, actually all the credit goes to Coldplaying. This is where I basically disover all music, but it's just because you all have such great tastes in music.

    What a lovely name you have! I'm Jasmin, by the way.
    I'm not an old fan either! Actually, I just discovered his music last year or so. It's nice to see other people like he's music because he's brilliant musician and artist and everything. Plus it's a great album. :nice:
    I'm good thank you. What are you up to these days? I'm saving for my holiday (but my parents are loaning any money I need if I don't get it all in time - the 7th of next month).
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