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  • Hey Kaleigh :nice:

    What an unusual and nice name, what does it mean?

    I used to work a little at UCL - loooong time ago! Are you already studying there?
    Yes, it's going to be lovely to meet everyone :)

    I won't be able to attend every day but I will come as many days as possible, it should be great!!

    Nice to meet you, I'm Pete by the way :)
    OXFAM is a great organization - if it was not, Coldplay would not have supported that organization over such a long period of time and now again with the appeal to help HAITI via OXFAM. I visited Oxfam.uk to find latest news. But when I tried Oxfam International there was a big box in the middle with text codes instead of text! Strange.

    On one of the two Oxfam websites (UK or international) there was a box (like a running banner) where an organization named DEC.org.UK (Disasters Emergency Committee) had an appeal to support Haiti and a number to use.

    I read somewhere that there are swindler organizations taking advantage of the disaster to get money - thought of that when seeing this "running banner". Maybe this committee is real and good enough, but I chose to support via Danish Red Cross, and I recommend everyone to support via the well-known organizations.
    Hello Kaleigh aka. Greeneyes1207,

    I have the pleasure of accepting your friend's request. I see that one of your interests is OXFAM. Have you worked for OXFAM as a volunteer? Or are you "just" supporting OXFAM which is doing such a good job?

    Have a nice day and week-end. NANCY
    Hi Kaleigh! :nice: Thanks for the friendship request, I guess I'll see you this summer, then? :) How are you?
    Lore messaged me saying that my secret santa was wondering about my address.
    I said it was it, then i started thinking, Maybe not D: maybe it might get lost.
    But the postman knows who everyone is, in a non creep way. :p

    How are you today anyways?
    Hey :D
    I got your secret santa card in the post today. It arrived safely :p
    :nice: I loved it.
    Thank you so much for it.
    oh Merry Christmas too.
    yeahhhhhhhhh! I'm so happy that the card has arrived!:laugh3: I was scared it was lost in the ocean...:confused:
    Glad that you enjoy it too!
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