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  • Hello :)
    I am a lover of The National and so, surfing through this forum, I found your review of Boxer, etc. Aren't they incredible??! I'm going to see them in 3 weeks in Vancouver :D :D

    So... getting to the point, I noticed that your mood was set as "Depressed" and I just wanted to say that (I cannot guarantee this but) everything will be alright :) and there must be lows in order to have highs :nice:
    no it didn't. i sort of got busy lol. but i hope we'd all hang out some time. i was able to share some butterfly confettis and AROBTTH stamps with some pinoy coldplayers.
    Ah Gail, you changed your user name!!

    As for the Julien movie, it's not out yet, there isn't a date release...

    As for the concert, no, I didn't see him since the gig was cancelled T.T (there was only one gig) So I'm still on despair mode XD

    As for the mix exchange, I haven't got my tape yet....
    hi Gail!!!

    first: happy new year! As for Julien, the movie isn't out yet...dunno if it's finished filming?!! so I'll tell you if it's any good when I'll see it ^^
    But you know what, I *almost* saw it in concert!! He was supposed to do a small gig near where I live, so I bought tickets of course! But a few weeks ago, it has been cancelled T.T I'm so pissed!! I was so glad to finnally see him (in a small place in top of that!) Grrrrrrrr!!

    Anyway, he's working on his new album. I don't remeber if I sent you the EP he did for an issue of ELLE. All the songs are in english. Tell me if you want them!

    Gail :D how've you been? Hope that all is well. Anyway, I am planning a pinoy coldplayers meet up some time in January (simultaneous with the 10th year anniversary of Coldplay lol). Let me know what you think. :nice:
    Hey! :nice:
    I saw that picture you posted in the 'Show your art' thread.
    It was beautiful!! :stunned:
    What camera and editing program did you use?

    I'm Ainsley btw :nice:
    Hi Gail! You're welcome ;) Julien is releasing a 5 tracks EP (all songs in english) in the next issue of the french magazine ELLE. I'm gonna buy it tomorrow!
    As for Coeur de Pirate, she is amazing! To see the video, you just have to click on it to open YT and it we'll play on it ^^

    Its okay. I'm quite busy myself too. Grabe ang daming ginagawa sa school! Kamusta ka? Hindi kayo natrouble nung bagyo?
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