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  • I actually just became a bro yesterday! My friend introduced me when we were supposed to be doing Social Studies HW..... :lol: Thanks for noticing my new group though! :dazzled: Pewdie is so AMAZING!

    Brofist to you too! :awesome:

    Hey:) What's up?
    I'm sad:( The mother of my friend is died friday morning:(
    I think, it's terrible for him and his little brother. Hmmppff...
    I laughed out when I saw the lyrics.Again,I can't figure out what Chris is thinking.I mean... donkey and elbows??LOL^So weird...
    And I just feel like sometimes he just like a naughty kid,makes me love him more and more.

    Thank you translated for me.^
    Both two are all Chris's singing...
    He's sooooooooo cute in the second song!Yes I true need your help to translate it.Especially the second one.^

    Oohhhhh stop talking their concert,I envy you so much> < ;)
    Through your list,it seems like you perfer their first few albums.Only one song from their last two albums right?
    For me top10 is like:
    A rush of blood to the head
    Green eyes
    Viva la vida(live)
    How you see the world
    Hurts like heaven
    Speed of sound
    Don't painc

    As you know,coldplay seldom came to Asia.China?No way!I even don't know whether I could see them before the Earth explode. Ugh!I wanna talk dirty now......^
    How about you?How many times did you see them?
    You're so talented!;)

    Well,Suede is another british band,I think they don't have such a huge reputation and influence as much as COLDPLAY do.;)
    btw I can't go to their concert so the videos......

    Anyway,what's your favorite top3(maybe top10)coldplay songs?
    I think you are right.:)
    So that means you have a band?! Bravo!!Which part do you in charge in your band?I can play some piano,but not good enough to perform...hehe;)
    I think I might get rest until the middle of july.I wanna learn to drive and get my drive license.
    Do you know suede?They will have a gig the day after tomorrow in China.I really want to go,but I have to do my damn volunteer work.What a pity isn't it?
    I got cold unfortunately and I have sore throat.I feel like sh*t to be honest:( What time is it?Are you stayed up all night?Anyway,enjoy your holiday!:)Do you have any plan?
    Hi! Glad you liked what you saw, thanks!

    Firstly, I'd say don't paint anything you value, just because it might go wrong! Secondly, with a guitar, it's a good idea not to paint the fretboard, as it effects the ease of sliding your fingers up and down; neither Johnny nor Chris have painted fretboards. Thirdly, I use acrylics, and I believe Coldplay do too. Acrylic varnish you can find online quite cheaply.

    As for how I paint, I just paint a section in one colour, wait for it to dry, then do the next. Mix it together if I want that effect, simple enough. If you want any clear images, then paint the whole thing, then print a stencil, then paint through the stencil!

    Anything else, just let me know and I'll answer :p
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