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  • Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd only give it a listen out of curiosity stemming from what everyone's saying about it.
    So it would actually be worth listening to? Chris' voice has become even worse.. I'm surprised that you think any of them are decent, actually. :p I guess I could give it a listen, but it might be depressing.
    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that about school. :( I've thought of stuff like that before myself, but wouldn't it be sort of late to do it now?

    Anyway... Hm, I'm hearing that the new Coldplay album leaked? I can't say I was planning on listening to it at all.
    Hey Sara! How's it going? It's been a while, so I just thought I'd say hello. I would have messaged you on msn, but I haven't seen you online in forever. :( (Admittedly, I myself have not been on much for some time, but still.)
    Darn procrastination, hn? That's how I went through school, only we didn't have such any fancy expression for it yet. Ah, don't worry about maybe seeming to be pretentious, you DO know stuff, so you can use it, non? At least with me, who I know stuff too. :p
    Btw. things are getting so much less difficult when you reach the 40's, all the clutter becomes apparent clutter, and it's so much easier to just leave it behind. I wish I had felt like that when I was a teenager/twen. Haha, after my regression phase of the last two years I start sounding like a parent, non? :lol:
    I'm not really sure why. Seems he's had several warnings for a while and now got the final and crucial one. Gosh, looking back I really think he has some sort of retardation. Oh well, welcome back :) , it's far more chill now. One mustn't deal with so much irritating illogic any longer.
    well when you log in you'll be a guest (when the server eventually works again grrrrrrr)
    Just say to an admin that you've written an application and that you know Emily and they should read over it and accept you and make you a member :blush:
    I'll probably be online anyway when it gets back up :wacky:
    That's fine :lol:
    Don't think it has to be that in depth
    Just mention honeycomb and it's allll gooooddd :charming:
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