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  • Caitlyn! :hug: I haven't been on here in forever D:
    I miss you too! Sorry I got your message late, but I would still love to hear about your concert experience! :D
    yeah, breaking dawn was a bit... well, what can I say. Exaggerated?! Getting pregnant by a vampire :dozey: Well, I've heard a lot but this was really new. :rolleyes:
    in the series Angel is it too that the vampire get's a child, but the mother is already a vampire and this doesn't make any sense either.
    :D well at the moment I'm online obviously and answering you :p :D
    besides, I'll start playing the sims 3 when I answered you and what I am really doing at this moment too is listening to the audiobook of new moon.
    I don't know howyou like the twilight saga, 'cause a lot of people I know don't. But I like the books more then the films anyway, they give you more freedom for imagination and so on.

    ^^thanks for my exams. I think I really need the luck.
    I think as soon as my exams are over I'll go on holiday immediately. ;)
    we still have to go to school even if the snow was 1 meter high :D though the city can't handle it either and every other car driver drives totally insane and a lot don't have the tyres. So here are a lot of accidents then.
    But fortunately it got warmer this week. We have about 8°C and even the rest of the snow is almost gone. It's just wet at the moment, TOTALLY wet!

    In two weeks my exams start and I soooo don't wanna write them. :dozey: I think I'll start learning in a few days.

    What are you up to at the moment?
    first, thank you very much! :nice:

    second, never mind, 'cause I'm not much online myself anymore. because of school and all the homework stuff we get, because I read pretty much the last time or have even days where don't even start my computer (this really new for me) or I just play a game on the computer.

    third, I've been really good. On monday it got really cold again. ok it's just -4°C and in the morning -10°C, but the wind is really rough and it feels like -16°C.
    but the good thing is that it just snowed once and it doesn't get more and more. the only problem is that the streets are frozen and you have to be very careful when you see that the ground looks pretty much like a mirror. :laugh4:
    Hey never mind, I haven't been around for a while myself. again :dozey:
    well, my dog died last week :sad: but I'm quite ok. It's a strange change you have to undergo.

    but apart from that everything is back to normal.
    So how've you been and what have you been doing? :)
    Hey HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    So tomorrow I'll have enough time and I'll finally post your christmas card! :nice:
    Did you have a nice christmas time until now? :)
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