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    Well, today I went to a pool near my house. That's preety much it :laugh3:
    Hi there!
    I'm great! How are you? :D
    Hello, if you're interested in playing an RPG-like game on short notice, please check out the Coldplaying Game Night thread in The Lounge as I am organizing one right now Hope to see you there! :)
    Thank you. :)
    Yeah I'm very looking forward to it. And I hope the weather can be warmer.

    Happy New Year! :nice:
    Merry Christmas! :nice:

    Not too bad. I'm kind of busy. :( What about you?

    I'm preparing for the final exam. The exam is during Jan 14-18. Yep. There's no Christmas break here. But we have Chinese New Year break on Feb.
    Haha thanks! :D And haha, well I have a pretty good memory, but I also wrote down the date I got my 1st album of theirs. I'm probably pretty corny for doing that, but I'm glad I did! :cheesy:
    But yes, I totally understand what you mean how that song just goes straight to your heart. It's a long story, I won't go into it all right now (but I can be more detailed some other time if you really wanna hear it! :p) but from the time I was about ages 9-11, I got in with the wrong crowd, and just really wasn't a good kid. :shame: But then I heard that song, and I could just relate to all of the lyrics SO much, "I was lost...crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed". Seriously, just the entire song, I could just relate to SO uncannily and the first time I heard it, it literally made me cry! As terribly cheesy as it sounds, that song honestly inspired me to take a step back and look at the person that I was, and become a better person. I feel I'm seriously forever in Coldplay's debt. :heart:
    Hey!! I'm sorry I took so long to reply to your last visitor message. :shame: But anyway, In My Place was actually the song that caused me to adore them, as well! I had heard songs like Yellow and Clocks on the radio, but it wasn't until I actually bought their albums and heard In My Place that they just became my absolute most favourite band. :heart: Therefore, my fav album would probably have to be Rush of Blood, but I just love them all so much!! But wow, that's so awesome you've been a fan for so long!! It wasn't until August 14th, 2008 that I got my first Coldplay album. I'll never forget the date! :cheesy:
    Well hi, Judy! Nice to meet you. :nice: My name is Glyn. So you having been on Coldplaying for six years must mean you've been a Coldplayer for a LONG time!! What was the first song or songs to get you into them? I've long loved songs like Yellow and Clocks but it actually wasn't until four years ago that I bought my first Coldplay album. I've been obsessed ever since. :laugh3: But I can't believe what I was missing for all those years before I got my 1st album of theirs! :stunned:
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