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  • That's awesome that you got to meet a roadie! Did you guys talk about anything cool? It sucks that you didn't get upgraded, but from the pictures it still looks like you had a pretty nice view! :)

    That's a cool looking shirt. Sounds like you had a fun time!
    That's great, I'd definitely like to see a pic so let me know when it's posted.

    I agree, it does look like something I'd want to read. The first 9 pages were definitely interesting to say the least, artwork looks good. I honestly agree with your theory. It makes a lot of sense, like the first 4=MX and 5/6=???
    Whoa that sounds awesome. I really don't have any collectibles or even a record player for that matter, so I don't really know much. But I can imagine that they would look nice being hung on a wall and since it's Coldplay work, the covers probably do look nice :)
    I agree, it's really out of no where and who knows. But then again they are working with the guy who made the Kung Fu Panda movies, so hopefully he'll guide them in the right direction. At the least, it'll be an interesting ride!
    It really does, it's something so new. I don't know what to think about it, it's so random and I hope it's good, but what if it's not what we expect. Yep, the MX panel will be Friday, so thankfully we won't have to wait much longer.
    Well that's disappointing, but no worries. The wait will make the next concert seem even more sweeter. I wish you luck.

    So what do you think about all this MX comic stuff?
    Well that's great. Let me know how it goes man, good luck!

    Yeah they're alright. There's not much new music really coming out these days that's worth listening to. All the good stuff is hidden underneath all this crap music. Carolina Liar is great, their first album was awesome. The 2nd one was too similar to the first, but still decent stuff.
    Wow I hate how the notification thing for this site is so small. Sorry it took me a while to see it lol.

    Stay positive and things will work out! I've listened to the first half of the new Linkin Park album and it's kinda decent, but a bit too 'heavy' for me. So there's really nothing new that's worth recommending. Have you found anything worth listening to recently?
    Dude good luck! I know you'll find something pretty good. You've still got a few days and most people who are last minute and come up with other plans will probably put something up on Craigslist for a good price.

    The bands are even better in real life. A few times in the show they turn off all the lights and turn on the xylobands and the place goes crazy. They make the show so much better.

    I wish you luck Leak Buddy!
    It definitely was the best. I miss all the randomness that went on along with that thread. Nice, I'm pretty much doing the same. Catching up on sleep. Yes I went 8 days ago and it was amazing. I GOT TO HIGH FIVE CHRIS :D What about you?
    Hey Leak buddy, I just remembered today that we had those during MX mania and I thought I'd check in on you, what's up?
    Hey, sorry for the randomness, and the lateness, but just wanted to say that whilst reading the "Is the money and fame getting to Chris Martin's songwriting abilities??" thread I thought your simple post was very good! Just thought I'd let you know I agree. :)
    Hey, i was reading through the LRLRL CD exchange thing that said you have a spare album, do you still have it and are you willing to give it?!?! :wacky:
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