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  • Thanks for killing me with those shirtless Chris pics! I had never seen the shirtless yoga one!
    That's ok, I understand the whole school/college situation. It would still be great if you sent one though! It doesn't have to be extravagant, just look like you're having fun lol :p
    The results are in!!! Check out the "Coldplay Song Parody/Cover/Lipsynch..." thread to see what song won! And then follow the instructions to participate!!! So far so great! :D -phantoneku
    Hey! I noticed you haven't voted for which song to do yet on the "Coldplay Song Parody/Cover..." thread yet! If you're still in, please vote asap! :D

    Thank you so much! I feel happy indeed! :love: Ohh I wanted to come back in a while but didn't know exactaly how... I still am busy but now that the wedding plans are over I have more time and Stephan is also posting here, and told me to come back at least to chat with the old friends! :hug:

    So amazing!!!!! did you meat the rest of Coldplay?
    I know and northern california is so beautiful they gotta come. But I guess we do have crappy venues :\ except for the shoreline ampitheatre :) I know, we gotta show them how! Hopefully we could both go to one together so we show them. "Well run wild" and go crazy! Cuz I dnt care, next time im jumping to charlie brown and no one will stop me!

    Yea I haven't used that trick in a while, but it does work usually. Like really low volume though. And I have to include a rush of blood to the head :) haha yea good sleep. I've been trying to recover from my trip still. In chicago I would go to sleep very late going out with my cousins :p

    Yea it does. I actually miss math hw though. Well the easy stuff like algebra 2 which I really got the hang of :p
    yea!, and we need some Cali love! they need to do more shows over here. :D

    i hope you have a great year!! oh i hate when that happens! it totally sucks. its like the more you want to sleep, the less you can :( thats happened to me before too :/ i try to listen to slow coldplay songs and that helps most of the time. but other times not even that. I hope you have some good sleep this time :hug:

    thanks :) ugh yea and i suck at being committed and giving up things :p especially coldplay related things :p but i guess ill just listen to coldplay and do my work at the same time :D
    Yea that's what matters that we both had a great time at our concerts :hug: at least we can be excited for the new album which also means a new tour! :dance:

    We need one for sure!
    Aw so senior year right?! that's good to hear u had a good day :) haha are u used to summer and not sleeping :p
    I almost go back too, on the 24 :( its gonna suck, all my classes r probably gonna be hard :\ I hope I can handle it
    Back home now! :(
    my post coldplay concert depression is pretty bad :p
    I can't stop watching the videos on youtube! And talking about it. I wish I could relive that day again!
    Ok I wont cry :p haha except that when others meet them I really am dying of jelousy!! Lucky people!! One day, imelda! One day, it will be our turn :D
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