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  • Indeed I did :) Did you ?
    Even at the restaurant where I work as a hostess we had the Earth Hour so we turned off all the lights and put candles on all the tables it was kind of neat I think everyone enjoyed it :p
    Oh it was really warm today me and my friend went to a playground after school and went on the swings first time this year :p the only problem was that all the little kids and their mothers gave us weird looks probably thinking we were a little old which we totally arent :p
    And yellow i woke up inthe middle of the night just before the sunrise and couldn't fall asleep so I started listening to yellow and fix you it was really nice:)
    Lol work is work, but you gotta find something fun to do it is a vacation after all :)
    Yes counting the days down is good, but sometimes it makes it seem like the days are going slower. I know what you mean whenever I look at them I start grinning :D.
    Oh sweet what are you going to do for the vacation :D?
    I can't believe it either :D i got my countdown going on :p 129 days!!!
    Btw first day back to school today i nearly fell asleep in english :confused::p
    Hello :). Oh that's understandable,I had my march break this week. Too bad I have to go back to school on monday:angry::p. Fridays are always good :D. How are you doing anyways:)?
    anyways lol i'll ttyl gotta go work on some assigments for school
    lol what kind of person gives hmwk on the last day of school before the march break :p
    i hope so :p
    cool lol i really wanted to go with my parents but their excuse was that they dont know coldplay and if they don't like them it'll be a waste of money (I dont believe so but w.e. :p)
    lol no i asked if she wanted to and she said no but she didn't let me go alone either, so i'm going with a girl from my school, lol which makes me laugh so much because i don't even think she likes or listens to coldplay. i just mentioned that they're coming and she said she'll go with me oh well the more the marrier... :p
    Ahaha i remember on Chris Martin's birthday i made my mom buy me a coffee cake or something like that and she was like why do you want cake all of a sudden i'm like it's chris martin's birthday, she just rolled her eyes at me. I swear she's so annoyed at me always somehow in a conversation refering to coldplay. And on the day i was buying tickets i skipped school and she got mad at me :p i was also using her credit card, so when the first presale started and the prices were like over the top because of the argo vauchers i called her work and starting complaining she just goes like "OMG $320 are you crazy?!" with this like really really shoked voice and really loud but seconds later she recovers and goes yeah i can't really talk right now i have to work (and it was her lunch time -_-, always the excuses:laugh3:)
    Yes i know what you mean :p lol i haven't even fully realized it untill yesterday when the tickets came i was so happy i was jumping up and down my mom thought i went insane lol. But i bet when i'm in the Rogers Centre and when they'll come out on the stage i think i'll seriously start hyperventilating (because that's what happens when i see ppl/things i love :p)
    heyy there:), i'm not quite sure I love all of their songs :p but I think maybe yellow, lovers in japan, i've been really listening a lot to politik lately and of course viva la vida :D which remind me i really want one of the batterfly conffetties :p at least one, to take home ( for the memories:p). What about you :D?
    This is going to be my first coldplay one lol :D
    Ticketmaster always screws everyone up :p my first 5 tries to order didn't go through, so i lost the better seats too but you're right B3's great too :D.
    Yeah it would be awesome if we met there besides we won't be too far away from each other :p
    yess it was awesome :D and we totally should do it again
    hehe July 30th :D when i got the tickets i was the most excited person in the whole world( well i still am:p)
    where are your seats btw?
    haha it was fun!
    i just found ithe thread like two days ago..and im totally in love with it!
    and thanks!! im soo excited to see them again!

    you too! :D
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