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  • Hey so there's about 4 or 5 others that have responded - this will be great, hopefully we can hold spots for you all but I'm sure it will be tough for people coming later in the night like after midnight or so, but we'll see. my name is parik (pilly) 856-534-8917, i will post the list of people coming so far, and i will figure out how to send numbers to the others in the group, I will be getting there around 9 or so, some may get there earlier, i think if we each line up behind each other, and technically can save a spot or two for each other w/o people behind us getting upset, I think we'll be good. I've been asking the others if anybody has a portable mp3 or ipod player that runs on batteries (which I can supply) - regardless, get out here as soon as you can - let's represent for Coldplay today, because they continue to make such great music for the fans.
    My name is Jeremy I'm an avid Coldplay fan since I was a teenager. Coldplay is the one and only band I would say that holds a special place in my life. Their music has influenced me in many ways through out the last couple years and I thank them greatly for that.

    as well as my love for coldplay comes my love for travel if you get time check out my blog devoted to traveling-LIVING-exploring, at ....ih3arttravel.blogspot.com
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